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Get kids excited to read | Bookabees Review

We were recently sent a pack of books from Bookabees, who offer a book subscription service that is personalised to your child. I don't think you can ever have too many books and especially so when it comes to having books available for children. Having three children, we do have rather an extensive collection of

Real Food Kids Will Love with Annabel Karmel

This is my fourth Annabel Karmel book so you could say that I'm somewhat of a fan.  From weaning to the stage we are at now, (where we all eat the same) her recipes have always been such a great source of inspiration. When your little ones are babies you tend to cater more for

Bobble hat cosiness with La Coqueta Kids

One of the things that I love for Georgie at this time of the year is some cosy knitwear now the weather has turned a bit nippy. Being outside isn't so bad when there are blue skies and sunshine though and when you're prepared for it. On days like this it's when we are still

Learning to tell the time with an Ice-Watch

Learning to tell the time has been a pretty big topic in our house lately. Mainly because our eldest son who is 8, still hasn't fully got to grips with it. Besides it being a pretty good idea to be able to tell the time at 8, it's also becoming an issue when the boys

Summer fun in the garden: Ideas to keep the kids outdoors

The weather lately has been absolutely lovely and of course has meant that we've been outdoors much more. I'm very much a homebody but being stuck inside the house during the colder months can start to get a little too much. It's so much nicer to be able to spread out into the garden and

Family Adventure at BeWILDerwood

If you're looking to take your kids to an outdoor adventure wonderland, then BeWILDerwood is where you want to be heading. With our recent move to Norfolk, we were eager to try out this enchanted wood that we had heard so much about. Nestled in the Norfolk Broads this forest park offers 50 acres of

Annabel Karmel’s new freezer favourites

One of my first ever weaning books was one of Annabel Karmel's and still to this day, I love the recipes she comes up with and the style of her books. They're not just aimed at babies, they're also aimed at families as a whole because preparing a family meal for all to enjoy is

Survival tips for a mum of three…

For starters, I've learnt that feeling overwhelmed is somewhat of an 'understatement'. I think that I started to feel like that after my second son was born and it's never really gone away actually. Feeling a tad overwhelmed becomes the new normal and life just carries on with a few more eggs in the basket,

GLTC Family Blogger Day

Last Sunday we took a trip up to London to go one of the launch days for the new showroom for The Great Little Trading Company. Their very first brand new store has opened this weekend in Wandsworth, after only selling online before. This family run business has been established for 20 years now but

Inspiring children’s bedrooms

I'm always looking at new ideas and decor schemes in our home and I particularly love finding new inspiration for our children's bedrooms. Dreamy kids interiors are always catching my eye and it definitely doesn't hurt to keep them in mind for future room makeovers. When you're a child, I think it's important to have

Creative baking with kids

I'm pretty sure it's not just my kids that insist on a biscuit with milk. My eldest feels particularly hard done by if he doesn't get this before bedtime. There are always usually complaints if we have no biscuits in the house, you know I'm chief biscuit buyer apparently. I buy them and they're gone just

Finding some rhythm…

I have never been a confident dancer myself but over the years I have found my feet (so to speak) on the dancefloor. Usually if I've had a little drink I will have more enthusiasm and of course if the music and company is right then I can make myself believe that I have rhythm!

Kids party themes

Here are some great ideas whatever the weather or the amount of space you have... Pirates, Princesses, Picnics and Paint! Party Theme Ideas to Keep your Little Ones Entertained. Celebrating your child’s birthday in their early years is an event to be treasured. Every parent will most likely agree with that age old cliché that