When appliances go wrong…

by Hannah

When something in your home breaks, as luck would have it, it’s never usually just the one item. As they say it’s like ‘everything always happens at once’. This is only too true in our case.

Call it coincidence or sod’s law but it’s always roughly the same time of year and always when we are broke (more than normal). I used to be much more frivolous with my money and although I wasn’t rolling in money, when something broke I often immediately thought about going out to buy a new replacement. Pretty foolish really and when you have a family and more financial commitments, you realise quite how silly it is to trade old for new at the drop of a hat. When you think about how many items we rely on daily compared to days gone by? The oven, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher (I wish!), boiler, central heating, microwave and the list could go on…

Only recently we had to get our washing machine repaired for the second time in two years. I used to take the washing machine for granted everyday but it wasn’t until it ceased functioning that I truly appreciated what life would be like without one! We knew from the experience last time that there was a reasonable chance that the problem would be fairly minor due the age of the machine. Luckily for us we were right and it was rectified without too much of a dent in the bank balance, or lack of bank balance due to Christmas spending and the long wait until pay day.

It’s certainly a good idea to prepare for these eventualities as they have a tendency to crop up and bite you in the backside, at the worst times. There are lots of expenses to think about when you own a home but it’s worth thinking about how you will fix crucial household appliances should they decide to pack up! If you use a reputable company like Repair and Protect to fix appliances like ovens you have peace of mind that a technician will be on hand to get everything up and running as soon as is possible. Less disruption, hassle and ultimately expense in the long run.

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Helen 23rd February 2013 - 10:35 am

Our tumble dryers always break in January…just when you don’t need it! I’ve been paying for an appliance insurance for 18 mths so wasn’t worried this time, but after more than 2 weeks they told me that it’s wear & tear & not covered! Now that was a waste of money!!


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