Tips for styling your home this summer

Styling your home for each of the four seasons of the year can seem challenging and like it would be a lot of work. But, in reality, there are small changes that you can easily make which can help bring the changes of the outside world into your home and give it a different feel throughout the year. So, as we are now into the summer months, here are some tips for styling your home this summer that will hopefully help bring the sunshine and happy times inside!

Light coloured accessories 

While autumn and winter are associate with darker colours, summer is all about light colours. Now we’re not talking about repainting your walls but having some accessories you can put out that helps to bring lighter colours into your home. This can really help give your home a summery feel.

Your accessories will change depending on the room, but don’t forget about your walls. Making simple changes to the art or photos in your home can give a room a very different feel. With summer here, think about changing out some of your photos to ones of summer holidays you have been on, and this can help bring back some lovely memories, as many of us may not be going abroad on a summer holiday this year.

Summer flowers 

Adding flowers to different rooms in your home is an excellent way of displaying the season inside your home all year round, but during summer, with so many flowers in bloom, you have so many options to choose from! Bright and vibrant colours can give a summery feel to your room, and with the fresh smell which comes from flowers, you’re adding another element to your home.

Flowers are often kept in living rooms or dining rooms, but don’t be afraid to experiment with placing them in hallways, landings and even in your bedroom. It’s hard to go wrong with some lovely sunflowers, gerberas or freesias, but speak to your local florist, find out what is good and in season and go from there.

Splashes of blue   

Blue is a fantastic colour at any time of the year, but particularly during the summer. Evoking memories of the sea and bright blue summer sky’s, blue is a colour that can really give your home a summer feel.

Image credit – Amtico – Amtico Spacia Mirus Feather SS5A6120

There are several ways to introduce this colour into your home. One of the simplest is to bring in blue towels or bathmats to your bathroom. If your bathroom flooring is a neutral colour, this can add a vibrant splash of colour, which can work brilliantly. Blue cushions on your sofa or bed can also add some great contrast with lighter colours and give your home the feeling of a Santorini cliffside paradise.

Hopefully, the tips above show that creating a summery interior design style in your home can be done simply and without breaking the bank. As mentioned, with many of us staying home this summer, creating an environment that we can enjoy and makes us happy is really important. Now we just need the weather to remember it’s summer and keep our fingers crossed for some sunny days!

Nb. Collaborative post.