Start of the second trimester…

Every Monday I am going to complete an entry into my Bump Diary. This will be a way to remember all those moments that I forgot with my first pregnancy and act as a journal documenting the journey through pregnancy and beyond…

I am 14 weeks into my pregnancy now and somehow I have found myself in the second trimester. The first few weeks seemed to pass at such a slow rate and now here I am. I had spent so many weeks waiting for the 12 week scan that now it has been and gone, I feel I can get on with every day matters a little more and I suppose time is passing quicker.

When I thought about having another baby again, I assumed it would be easier as I had done it before and would know more of what to expect, being that it has all happened before. What has surprised me is the ability for my brain to forget so easily. Like riding a bike? not really. I now wish in hindsight that I had written a little diary of the events of my first pregnancy, so I would remember for this one.

They say no pregnancy is the same and that is most certainly true. I was alarmed at around 6 weeks into the pregnancy because I hadn’t had any nausea yet. You know the dreaded god awful nausea? yes I know it’s crazy but I wanted it for reassurance, I didn’t feel things were right without it. Well mother nature delivered it at around 7 weeks so I needn’t have worried. I should have in fact been pleased that I had a weeks grace, damn it.

There are some small but helpful nuggets of information I have kept with me though, such as what foods are best avoided and that a decent nights sleep can mean the difference between a manageable day and an awful one. I also graze all day on any foods that agree with me, I will become more health conscious once the nausea has finally moved on.

I suppose I must give myself credit for knowing something as all the books I bought have not been dusted off from the bookshelf yet. I will save a fortune this time round not splashing out on glossy books detailing every stage of pregnancy, read as a daily ritual on my bedside table. I haven’t succumbed to countless baby magazines either. This time however, it isn’t the unknown is it?

My husband has been taking pictures of the bump for a few weeks now and the photo featured in this post was taken yesterday, already I am wondering what the difference will be next month. He has a great idea up his sleeve so I will look forward to sharing it with you all!