Planning a Kids Party 101

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion for kids – whether it be a birthday, Christmas, the end of a school term, or anything else – it is important to get it right. It’s easy to overthink a children’s party, to get trapped between making it the kind of party we would have liked when we were kids, or (worse), trying to make it the type of party that looks fun to us as adults. It’s a lot harder to put yourself in the position of a child looking forward to a party and really get it right – but it is essential to at least try.

Below, we will go through some pointers for party planning. By following these tips, we can’t guarantee you’ll plan the perfect party – but you can definitely give it a proper go!

Ask your kids

It’s all too easy to trap yourself in the position of trying to second-guess what kids would like in a party. Chances are, you’ll be wrong because you’re not a kid – so the first thing you should do when planning a party is involve the children in your planning. They know what they want – from music, to food, and everything else besides. They might not be able to oversee the practicalities, but that’s fine because that’s adult stuff, and you can handle it.

Go with what has worked before

Most of us know well enough not to try to recreate the parties of our childhood when planning for today’s children. We would have been horrified if our parents had chosen their preferred music and decor for our childhood parties, and although retro has its place, it is far too easy to aim for retro cool, overshoot and end up just going old-fashioned. Picking tried and tested kid’s entertainers who do parties for a living, and trusting the catering to professionals, means you don’t have to worry about hitting the right note.

Work as a team

Perhaps the most important consideration when planning a kids party is to make sure that you have all bases covered, and this is tough to do when you’re just one person. So, as well as getting feedback from your kids, work with other parents to make sure everything goes to plan. From making sure the party doesn’t clash with any other events, to ensuring that dietary intolerances are covered, and a range of other necessities, you can tick off all the necessities so much quicker by working as a team. 

Secure the venue first

So much of party planning comes down to what is possible within the constraints of the time and place. While the time is something you can control, place is trickier, and it is essential to make sure that you get the right venue if the party is going to be everything you want it to be. So the first thing you need to ensure is that you can get the venue you want on the date you are planning. Get that ticked off, and everything else becomes much easier!

Planning a party can be exhausting, but if you take the right steps at the right time, you’ll find it’s possible to make it a lot easier.

Nb. Collaborative post.