How to create a workplace at home that improves your productivity

The space around you can affect your creativity and productivity, and if you keep working from home and making conscious choices in your environment is the key to staying focused. Whether you have your own office at home or share your “workplace” with your children’s digital classroom, optimising the space around you is vital to staying productive throughout the day. Below you will find some modifications you can make to create a workspace that will improve your concentration and productivity.

Place flowers in the room

Place some fresh flowers in your workplace, so you will create a sense of calm while you work. Whether it’s a bouquet or a few evergreens stems in a small vase, having flowers in your field of vision is a great way to beautify your office, and this little gesture can give you something to look forward to while you work.

Organise your workplace

Working from home can negatively affect your productivity. Try to minimise distractions. Start by removing unnecessary clutter from your workplace. One solution is to decorate your workplace by painting the walls with a neutral space and minimising the amount of furniture in the room. Decorate the room with items that make you happy.

Move from your stagnation

Try to alternate the locations where you receive calls during the day. Get your first call to your office. On the next call, I get up from your chair and walk around the room. In the next call, he sat on the yoga ball. On the next call, go back to your office chair. This routine will help you increase your productivity.

Hang a painting you like

Choose a painting that makes you feel calm and happy. Place the artwork in your workplace. This way, when your workload negatively affects you, you can look at the image and feel more tranquil or more comfortable.

Listen to music that helps you concentrate

You do not have to work without enjoying your favourite music. But the secret is to choose music pieces that help you stay focused and do not distract you.

Focus on your posture

When working in front of the computer, try to maintain the correct posture as much as possible. This can be best achieved by looking for the right office furniture for the job. For instance, ensure that you have a comfortable, extended-use ergonomic office chair with adjustable arms, lumbar adjust, and back support This way, you will avoid back pain caused by sedentary work.

Move your desk to a window

One way to avoid constantly looking at your screen while you work is to move your desk close to the window. Natural light will improve your vision, and short breaks from the screen will offer you moments of relief.

Work in your office

As you work from home, it is easy to fall into the trap of working in areas of your home that do not have an office; for example, the kitchen or the living room. It is crucial to create a space that will be only for working hours. Find a room and place your office there. In this way, you define your workplace and set limits on your work schedule. For example, if you work from home as a professional voice actor, you will need to have all the necessary equipment installed in your home to record your projects and then edit them.

It is one of the professions that require the use of specific equipment and the possession of particular know-how. But this job can offer many opportunities for development and professional success. You can give your voice to important creative and promotional projects, working for agencies like that owns the talented team and successful voice actors and narrators.

Leave the mobile phone

Try not to bring your mobile phone to your workplace. This way, you can increase your productivity because you will not need to check your mobile phone, and your attention will not be distracted while you work.

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