Flora, fauna, fun: London’s most exquisite summer gardens

One of the best times to be roaming around London is during the summer time. Not only is the sun shining, but there is always something that you can do as you explore the capital of the UK. However, you may not want to go to the common tourist traps. Instead, you may want to just settle down and relax in the beauty of a summer garden. If this is what interests you then read on to learn about some of the best summer gardens that London has to offer.

Kensington Palace Gardens – Kensington

If we are going to list some of the most glorious gardens in London, then we need to start with the Kensington Palace Gardens. From the moment you step past its gate, you will feel like you are about to come face-to-face with royalty. The garden has an Italian twist to it and looks gorgeous with its beautiful collection of fountains, landscapes (including Syon House and its conservatory), hedges and flower beds. It is the perfect place if you are looking to settle down with a picnic. Just make sure that you go on a day when the sun is truly shining!

Kingston Maurward Gardens – Dorsett

Once you have escaped your Dorsett Hotel, city life can become a little overwhelming. Dorsett may be a place that looks like an archaic paradise, but it can still be easy to become lost in the commuting crowds that flood there. However, if you are looking for a secret paradise to run away to, Kingston Maurward is the perfect hideaway from the world. Not many people know about this garden, but it truly is a unique sight to see. It has 35 acres of 18th century parkland and majestic lawns that settle around the beautiful lake. This park even has an Edwardian Garden that incorporates a croquet lawn. You may think that it is only small, but if you get a little bored of simply indulging in nature, you can also visit the Japanese Garden and the animal park. It truly is a place worth a visit.

The Royal Botanical Gardens – Richmond

Although UK summers can be extremely hot, that does not mean that we get perfect weather every day. That’s why you shouldn’t let a little rain spoil your garden trip. Instead, why not visit the Royal Botanical Gardens? This summer garden is actually held indoors within a greenhouse. It will allow you to explore a wide variation of fungi and plants (over 30,000 species), as well as the science behind them. A trip to the Royal Botanical Garden will always be an educational experience. However, if you are just after a bit of peace and quiet, you may want to explore the garden’s “rock garden” and “great broad walk borders.”

Sky Garden – 20. Fenchurch Street

Whilst this may not be the best place to go if you are scared of heights, the Sky Garden incorporates the tropical beauty of a jungle with a spectacular view of London. From this garden, you will be able to see some of the biggest sky scrapers in London, including the “Walkie-talkie”. It even has its own restaurant and two bars. It is the perfect place if you are looking for somewhere to go on a date.

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