Adding Flavour with Salt and Pepper Mills

If you love a bit of seasoning in your food, then you will know the importance of having good salt and pepper mills. I pretty much pepper everything and I feel you can never spoil anything by adding pepper, it only enhances a meal for me.

It was only recently that I finally decided to hang up some spice racks that I’ve had for years. They were originally bought as bookcases for my son but a decade later and they’re now being used for their intended purpose. Once I’d bought some jars and a label maker, it’s proved to be much more useful than fumbling around in the cupboard – plus I can always see what needs topping up and add that to my shopping list.

I’ve tried a few different mills over the years, including fancy automated ones to plain old disposable grinders. I like black peppercorns and multi coloured ones with a bit of a kick to them, you get the gist that I’ll go for any pepper…but not all grinders work effectively, which can mean you struggle to get the pepper out or you end up with a whole load on top of your dish, especially if the lid falls off.

That’s where this Cole & Mason Marlow Precision Salt and Pepper Mills Gift Set comes in. They have been scientifically tested for superior pepper flavour release and you can adjust the grind according to your preference and they’re fuss free.

This salt and pepper mills set is made of beech wood and comes with a grey stain finish, which is in-keeping with our kitchen décor and is minimalistic. They’re lightweight, easy to fill and simple to use, nothing gimmicky. They not only look great in the kitchen but they’ll also last for many years too.

I have fine salt and pepper decanted into the jars for normal seasoning of most of the meals I cook, but for the mills I use Cornish sea salt crystals and black peppercorns. If I have them to hand, them I’m much more likely to use them depending on the dish I’m cooking. For example, I much prefer to use grinded peppercorns when making Carbonara and then I also take the pepper mill to the table, so that I can add more once it has been plated up.

The also love being able to season their own food and not being afraid to add more flavour if they think their meal needs it. I don’t however place the salt mill because I don’t want them to add too much salt to their food. I’m always conscious of not adding too much salt to the food I prepare but as I often cook from scratch, I know exactly what I’m adding to and you do need some flavour in food, otherwise it’s all just a bit bland isn’t it?

Nb. I was kindly sent this Marlow Salt and Pepper Mills Gift Set for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinions remain my own.