16 weeks…

Last week I had my 16 week routine appointment with the midwife (although I am 16 weeks today). All was well and straight forward and I got to hear bubba’s heartbeat on the doppler, it was a little tricky to find but once she found it we mainly heard plenty of booting. Just as I thought another Beastie. We have a doppler by Angelsounds that we bought to listen to Beastie, so we have already listened to the heartbeat. I am officially hopeless at finding the heartbeat and have to solely rely on my husband and the knack he seems to have. You wouldn’t believe that I have actually used dopplers at work, although not for detecting babies!

My bump is still looking quite small and I did expect to be bigger at this stage, but then if you go by my previous post on boob size then maybe it’s just me that can’t see the changes. I have been told I have quite strong stomach muscles so I suppose this could also be the reason why I don’t look that noticeably pregnant. I shall look back on this post and regret what I have said I am sure, when I am at my largest I will be wondering why on earth I was questioning the size.

As I said in my last entry, I am not feeling nauseous anymore but there is a distinct difference to how I am feeling this time. I don’t remember eating so much before but then maybe I did and my memory has failed me. I do feel that what I am eating might be to blame for the state of my face, hormones aside I don’t think my skin has ever looked so bad. What’s this about pregnancy glow? I would love a dose of it.

Spotty skin aside, I now feel that I have reached a stage in the pregnancy I feel that things are really moving on and it won’t be that long until Christmas and then the New Year. We are all booked up to attend The Baby Show at Earls Court, London at the end of the month and I am looking forward to it. We attended the show at Excel last time and it was a great day out then. I am intrigued to see what new innovative products are showcased there this year. The Cuddledry¬†baby bath towel in a funky cow print was my favourite purchase last time and the girls on the stand were lovely.

I am treasuring my time even more with Beastie now as it gets closer and closer to him not being the baby anymore. He is getting so grown up and astounds us everyday with new words and more often that not hilarious ways of putting things. I love seeing his personality developing, it’s so exciting but it’s also an end of an era. We are moving onto another exciting chapter but I am aware he will no longer be the baby anymore so the times that he does regress to being a baby, (which can still be quite often) I love it!