Baby bottom butter for your face anyone?

Is anyone a convert to this pot of baby cream? The other week I came across an article in the Daily Mail comparing this cream to Creme de la Mer, not that I have ever had the luxury of trying this.  I didn’t realise there was a big fuss about it back in 2008, with pots flying off the shelves leaving lots of Mums disgruntled when stocks ran low, hoping to bag the bargain miracle cream along with their grocery in Waitrose. Of course I wouldn’t have known back then as anything with ‘baby’ in the title would have been disregarded in favour of some celebrity gossip and wedding planning. I might add I fell pregnant that year, then of course things changed dramatically…

Anyhow nearly 3 years later the miracle cream is being talked about again so I just had to get some for myself. Not being someone that frequents Waitrose or has one nearby I had to get some help so I asked my sister in law if she could grab a pot when she was next in there. Thinking it was for Beastie’s bottom, (and had been told they were selling like hot cakes) she drove to her local store as soon as they had their next delivery and bought two pots! I was thrilled thinking that the two pots would see me through for a while, rather than splurging on expensive night creams when they are on offer.

I was surprised by the texture of this cream, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting it to be luxurious, but I wasn’t expecting it to be claggy and greasy (yes the olive oil ingredient is a major giveaway). I felt like I had to lie down for it to dry out for half an hour like a face mask, I certainly couldn’t slap it on and go straight to sleep.  Well after the second night of using the cream I stood at the bathroom mirror hoping to be aghast with my glowy reflection, only to be greeted with a couple of lovely spots. Now I do occasionally succumb to the odd spot, as we all do but I knew that the blasted cream was to blame. So I think we can safely say my ‘combination’ skin is quite clearly the wrong combination here! For anyone out there though that suffers from dry or dare I say more mature skin, then maybe this cream is the answer you have been looking for. It’s cheap as chips at £2.54 so give it a go! and let me know…I won’t be peeved at all.