Adding A Luxury Touch To The Bathroom This Winter

The bathroom is always part of the home which we want to be able to escape to at the end of a long day and enjoy a soak in the tub or a karaoke session in the shower. It is one of the most relaxing areas in the house and as such we want to make sure that we make it as spa-like as we can for optimal comfort. Here are just some of the things we can do in the bathroom to make it feel luxurious and like a sanctuary this winter.

Warm it up

The first thing you could consider doing with the bathroom to make it feel much more luxurious this winter is add underfloor heating to prevent having to step onto freezing cold tiles every morning when you go to brush your teeth! Having underfloor heating during the winter months can be the best addition to the room and it will make those daily trips to the bathroom much more enjoyable than they were before.

Add orchids

Orchids are stunning plants which come in many different colours and sizes and they can make a big impact on the space in the bathroom by adding a touch of luxury. Orchids have always been associated with luxury and expense and they love the environment of a bathroom because they can largely gain their water supply from the steam of the shower and bath. You can have a few of these stunning plants in the room to add some colour, texture and depth to the design as well as aid with oxygen production to reduce stress.

Light candles

Candles are one of those things most of us associate with feeling relaxed because we often swap out harsh lights for the warmth of candles in the winter evenings. For the bathroom, having some small candles or tea lights scattered around the room can make for an amazing bath time experience and you can also add in a scented candle which will add a fresh scent to make the bathroom feel clean all day long.

Chrome it up

Chrome is the ultimate way to transform a dingy and old fashioned looking space into something much more stunning and expensive looking. For a touch of elegance into the bathroom you could swap out the regular white radiator and old taps and replace these all with chrome counterparts. And while you are there, banish your plastic shower to where it belongs and replace it with a stunning shiny model!

Add more light

Light is always going to be a big factor in any part of the house and if you have a small bathroom this will be especially true. To prevent the bathroom looking small and cramped, you will want to introduce more light in one of two ways – install bigger windows or add spotlights. If adding a larger window isn’t an option, cool white spotlights can be a great substitute and they can really make the space feel and look bigger as well as more luxurious.

Nb. Collaborative post.