A cosy night in with Debenhams

by Hannah

I think with all this foul weather we are having at the moment, staying cosy indoors is all that appeals. Seeing some sunshine this weekend has been wonderful though and definitely makes you want to venture out. Even still, during this time of the year where there is a nip in the air, I’m not so keen on the ‘evenings’ out. I’d rather be all snuggly indoors and preferably with wine in my hand and something to eat in the other!

Debenhams very kindly sent a few items to emulate a cosy evening in and asked me to take you all through how we decided to spend the evening.

So….the perfect evening begins like this (after the commotion of toddler bedtime and bribery).

Enjoy a nice dinner prepared lovingly by my husband made by me.

Crack open the chilled wine. If not already started…

Light a candle to create a cosy ambience. I do like a nice candle, typically girly but essential none the less. Give me a Yankee Candle and I’m very happy indeed. Would you believe that I’ve never owned one before? Anybody who knows their candles will probably wonder why on earth I haven’t had one before. Vanilla Lime was the one we tried. The price was most definitely a factor but I can totally see that they are money well spent. They burn, burn and burn!

Set up DVD for viewing. First checking for little people noise upstairs and attempt to watch a DVD all the way through. If it’s all quiet then proceed to enjoy the rest of the night. Wine or tea in a lovely teapot?

A few essentials…


Nb. I was sent these lovely items in return for this post, showing all the gorgeous goodies from Debenhams.


HELEN 9th March 2014 - 6:43 pm

foul weather??? you must be in the wrong part of the country!!
Those goodies look great – love the cushion & I might have to try that Yankee Candle out for myself! x

Karen (@wouldliketobe) 17th March 2014 - 12:53 pm

Haha, warm and sunny here too but loving the goodies. With little ones, cosy nights in are always welcomed. I love Yankee candles. Lucky you xx

Hannah 17th March 2014 - 7:53 pm

Ha ha ladies you both misread my post. I said foul weather we’d been having, it was sunny here too! Surely though you haven’t escaped all of the torrential rain?? 😉 xx


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