5 Simple Changes That Can Add Value to Your Home

If you’re thinking of moving property in the near future, you might start to think about how much your home is worth. You can easily calculate its resale value through an online tool or by asking a local estate agent. However, you might not be very happy with what you find out. 

Although your home could have increased in value over the years due to the improvement of the area, its proximity to the city, the opening of amenities nearby, etc. the interior of your home could result in the price being far lower than what you expected. If this happens, it’s time to look at ways that you can increase its value. 

If you’re unsure as to where to start, here are 5 suggestions that could send you on the right!


Update The Decor 


Is your home stuck in the past? Then consider giving it a revamp and bringing it into the 21st Century with some chic and stylish touches. Whether this is adding contemporary lighting fixtures, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, purchasing new furniture, etc. it will completely transform the way that the space looks – which, in turn, can help to increase its value. 


Convert Your Loft Space 


A great way of adding value to your home is by converting your loft space (or your garage) to add an extra bedroom. This will help to tempt in people looking for a little extra space, a spare guest room for when their family comes to stay or if they have few kids that all need a room of their own. 


Add An Extension or Conservatory


Another wonderful option is to add an extension or a conservatory to your house. Of course, with this choice, you will want to consider what your budget is and the amount of work you want to put into it – as both options can be quite expensive and can take a while. 

However, like a renovation they are both fabulous ways of adding value to your home due to the fact that they add a lot more space and can bring plenty of natural light into your living space. 


Swap Out Curtains For Blinds


Although curtains can be stylish, many modern homeowners are looking for homes with blinds. This is because of their practicality – not only do they save space and make the room feel a lot brighter, but blinds can help make a cosy room and are low maintenance. So to add some value to your home, consider making the simple swap from curtains to blinds.


Make it Open Plan 


Although this change is a little bit more extensive, it can make all of the difference. Nowadays, one of the first things on a prospective home buyer’s list is an open plan layout. 

By connecting the kitchen with the living room or dining room, it not only makes your home feel bigger, but it also means that you can easily communicate with anyone that’s in the other room. This sense of togetherness is very appealing to homeowners – especially those who have younger children that they need to keep an eye on!

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