3 Unusual Gifts For Women

by Hannah

Buying a gift for someone can often be a frustrating and troublesome experience. After all, we want to make sure that we buy something which will make a lasting impression for the right reasons. It is important not to go for the obvious when buying a present for someone because you do not want to run the risk of buying the same gift as someone else and at the same time you also want to ensure that you show that you have put a lot of thought and effort into what to buy the person. To give you a helping hand, this blog post will reveal some exciting and unusual gift ideas for women.


Yes, I know what you are thinking – jewellery is not exactly an original and unusual gift. However, it can be if you pick the right pieces. If you’re friend or loved one is a trend setter then go for a daring contemporary item. Or if that wouldn’t suit them then think about what means a lot to the person you are buying for and incorporate that in the jewellery. There are so many different personalisation options when it comes to jewellery today, and so you can turn a common gift into a really unique one. All it takes is some engraving to completely transform a gift into something unique and exciting!

Fragrant sachets

Fragrant sachets are scents for your wardrobes, drawers or cupboards. They are an excellent gift idea because they are original and not something you would think to buy, yet at the same time they are extremely useful. They also have a personal element because you can choose the fragrance you think the person you are buying for will love the most. This is a great option if you are looking for something that is affordable yet will impress.

Scented candles

Candles and reed diffusers have a luxurious, relaxing and tranquil quality about them which is deeply appreciated by most women. They provide the perfect atmosphere to chill out and relax. Think about the scents the person you are buying for enjoys first, and then consider what colour or design would be the most appropriate. You can decipher this by thinking about their favourite colours or what colour scheme they have in their living room or bedroom.

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