VonHaus Garden Relax range – Banana parasol

If there is one thing we have really needed in the garden for some time, then it’s definitely been an umbrella to give us some much needed shade.

We’re really fortunate in the fact that we benefit from the sun (when it makes an appearance) all day in our garden, but it does mean that on particularly sunny days it can become a little unbearable.

This is where this Von Haus Banana Parasol has been the perfect solution. Now we have an area that provides some much needed shade when we want to spend some time sitting out in the garden.

I love that it’s positioned on an overarching steel arm which creates more space by being able to fit comfortably around furniture without getting in the way with a centre pole.

Our garden can get quite blustery even though we’re quite sheltered amongst surrounding houses and this has mainly been the reason that we hadn’t purchased one. My husband wanted to get paving slabs to hold down an umbrella and I wasn’t so keen on how that would look and we simply never came to an agreement on a parasol.

It’s clear now though that a banana parasol with segmented weights, was what we needed all along.

This parasol comes with weighted segments to keep it well and truly in situ. You can balance it with two on either side, but we have four and that means that it’s nice and steady and it’s peace of mind too. Then if we need to move the umbrella around, it’s easy enough to handle the segments separately. It also features an integrated air vent to allow sufficient ventilation to prevent wind gathering under the parasol and blowing it.

It does naturally sway a little bit in the wind but it’s reassuring to know that it’s perfectly safe and that it won’t end up in one of the neighnours gardens!

The parasol is opened by winding the mechanism and you can hear it click as it opens up until fully extended. It feels really secure when up and it’s super quick to wind down too.

I’ve been wanting a spot to just relax in with a drink and a good book in the late afternoon/early evening and this is proving to be my little oasis.

Of course it’s all dependent on the fine weather sticking around, but we now know that we have our shade covered for the summer ahead.

Nb. This 3M Von Haus Banana Parasol was kindly gifted for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions remain entirely my own.