The Wheelybug

So there I was trawling through the internet looking for the next beloved toy for Beastie, a toy that would stand the test of time, when I came across the Wheelybug. Instantly eye catching with their cute designs, the ride on toys are a simple idea with an innovative design, this was instantly a winner with me.

They come in two age ranges from 1-3 and 3-5 so we decided on the smaller version. The Wheelybug will move around in any direction due to the castors and boasts a little padding for small bottoms. We originally bought this when Beastie was 9 months old (at Christmas) for when he was bigger. In the early days it was used alongside his walker as an aid and now at nearly 2 it’s a massive hit. He whizzes around with impressive coordination and steering ability, so it definately helps with balance etc. However, by far the most common use for it is ramming it at great speed into ankles! As with most toddlers, quick reflexes are required.

As shown in the picture above, we have the Tiger version, complete with fluffy ears. Beastie considers this inanimate object as one of his friends, so much so I found the Wheelybug placed on his potty accompanied by the sound of pssssssssssssss. If only Beastie could grasp that concept himself…

All in all this is a great little buy and I would upgrade to the larger version when we need to, if I haven’t found another invention by then!