‘We love to road test anything that relates to our everyday life, be it useful, fun or innovative’.

I say ‘we’ because of course the main recipients of review items are of course my boys and baby girl who give me my material to write said blog posts. Of course it’s not all about the kids and the odd review for myself is more than welcomed. My husband feels particularly short changed here but hey, it’s not his blog is it 😉

So us as a family? I give you…

A school boy who likes go-karts, Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Star Wars, the iPad, drawing, reading, music, swimming, school, burgers, scrapping with his brother and starting his own YouTube channel which is coming soon!

A pre-schooler who likes LOVES cars, the iPad (a little too much!), Star Wars, Mummy cuddles, shower time, dancing, his scooter, endless snacks, swimming, football, copying his brother, stealing everything his brother plays with and scrapping with him!

A nurse (currently on maternity leave) who likes blogging, her iPhone, her MacBook, her Olympus PEN, Instagram, upcycling/home decor projects, photography, baking, shopping, makeup, reading and going on holiday.

A visual designer who likes his Apple computer, photography, his quadcopter, football, mma, boxing, trainers (maybe a little too much, in the form of loving one style and having all the colours in that style!), his music and going on holiday.

We are always open to writing reviews on products that are relevant to our family and this blog. Please use the contact page here if you want to get hold of us. We always give an honest account when reviewing. Shouting out about the ones that have made an impact yet being tactful when they don’t.