Review: Maxi-Cosi Star Wars Rodi limited edition car seat

by Hannah

If you’ve got Star Wars fans in your house, then you’re going to love their new range of limited edition car seats!

The design is a result of a collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm just before the release of the new Star Wars movie ‘The Last Jedi’. The Star Wars range includes all types of Rodi car seats, offering excellent head protection, advanced comfort and safety features. The car seats are perfect for young space explorers looking to rule the Galaxy from a safe base.

Back in October we had some very special visitors arrive at our house and it caused an awful lot of excitement with the boys (and some intrigue from the neighbours). Tobias had been chosen to be an actor in a collaboration with Disney and Lucas Films promoting the new range of high backed booster seats and the boys couldn’t have been more thrilled about the commotion outside the house. This was one halt-term day that was a little bit different…

We’ve tried many different car seats throughout the years but we’ve always used Maxi-Cosi baby car seats and the boys used to have a group 2 car seat to follow on from their group 1 seat.

Maxi-Cosi limited edition Star Wars Rodi seats

There are 4 different options to choose from and we received the Rodifix AirProtect® model that comes with Isofix. The AirProtect® technology is specially designed to provide your child with the best side protection possible, even reducing the risk of head and neck injury by 20%. The one-click ISOFIX installation system and unique belt guide, means installing the RodiFix AirProtect and securing your child is quick and easy. Additionally, the simultaneous height and width adjustment and two recline positions mean your child will always be comfortable and safe as they grow.

The range to choose from:

• RodiFix AirProtect: Easy one-click ISOFIX installation system, 2 recline positions offer comfort as your child grows, specially designed to offer extra protection.
• Rodi XP FIX: Easy ISOFIX installation, side protection system offers great safety.
• Rodi XP: Side Protection System offers excellent protection, lightweight and easy to transfer between cars.
• Rodi AirProtect: AirProtect side impact technology to offer best protection possible, multiple recline positions, lightweight shell for quick and easy transfer between cars.

Key features

– Quick and easy which generic tramadol works best buckle up
– Extra protection of child’s head
– ISOFIX installation
– Easy backrest adjustment from the top

Galaxy-themed design, featuring several iconic spaceships with a premium gold finish

From approx. 3.5 years up to 12 years / 15-36 kg

As you can see, it’s not your average looking car seat and it definitely looks the part in the back of the car. Not only that but you know that when it’s Maxi-Cosi, it’s going to be made well as well as meeting all of the strict requirements for car safety.

Our car is equipped with Isofix but we haven’t ever owned any car seats that are equipped for it until now. So finally we are able to use them!

The installation is super easy and it’s just as easy to move it around the seat if you need to, which is a big plus point for us. The seatbelt loops through at the top and doesn’t twist it like I’ve found some seats do.

One of the features that I really love about this seat is the fact that it can recline. Inevitably heads can slump forwards on some long car journeys and this option makes a huge difference. Not only for the comfort of the children but also it means that I don’t have to keep getting them to put their heads back, or more commonly, get my eldest to do it.

All seats offer optimal comfort and advance safety features, while the open design means your little Jedi can see out of the window as you head off on your adventures!

The boys had a really amazing time meeting a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader and I don’t think that they will forget for some time seeing them park up outside our house and jump out!

You can see what our adventure ended up looking like here on Maxi-Cosi’s YouTube channel…

The Rodi Star Wars limited edition car seats are available from £115. As with all Maxi-Cosi products, the Star Wars themed Rodi car seats are designed to carry the future happily into life. The Maxi-Cosi trusted brand and products were born in 1984. Since then, Maxi-Cosi has carried 50 million babies home from the hospital. To learn more about Maxi-Cosi’s products, please visit:

Nb. In collaboration with Maxi-Cosi.

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