The Nursery versus me

by Hannah

So yesterday was another usual day at work for me until my colleague pointed out that she had seen some kiddies in various buggies being pushed into the hospital lift. Immediately my heckles rose, it was not so long ago that I had told the nursery that I didn’t want my son being taken into the hospital and certainly not one where I am walking around all day and likely to bump into them. It would be awful to not even be able to properly greet my son whilst with a patient, and even more awful that my son may become upset at seeing me leave.

After discussing this with colleagues and other Mums with kids in said nursery, I have found that I am the one that by far that feels strongest about it not being right. I personally think that you should not take children into hospitals, (unless you need to of course) it conjures up visions of people coughing and spluttering away (and they do!) and in a lift? it doesn’t bear thinking about…

Over protective Mum I may be but purely this is common sense? Anyhow yet again I have spoken to the nursery and told them what I think (they have been rumbled again!) and they have assured me it won’t happen again, surprised at why the girls used the hospital as a short cut. I pay good money for them to look after my child and I find it so disconcerting to find out they are not obeying my wishes. Luckily for me he only attends two days a week and my son loves his time there, so for that I can’t fault them but I do often feel they are simply not listening to me, grrrr.

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