Life Coaching Course: My first thoughts and what it will mean for me

It was two years ago that I last wrote a post about my new year plans or ‘resolutions’ if you like and it’s always interesting to see what has changed in that time.

Looking back through it, it would seem that a lot has changed. In that time, we have relocated and with that meant we had to change jobs (well me) and schools. We no longer have our little print business on the go because we felt the market was becoming far too saturated with similar small businesses. In short we took a good look at where our lives were heading and decided to change aspects before it was too late.

It doesn’t mean that we have all of our stuff together now, far from it! But it does mean that now we’re settled where we want to be, I can start focusing on prioritising and making our life less stressful, if at all possible.

I want to get our life on track and start achieving more goals, without the feeling of overwhelm and being disorganised and I feel that I can help achieve that by completing a Life Coaching course.

So do I actually want to be a life coach?

Maybe. I’m certainly interested in what it involves and it’s always intrigued me to find out more. For me, I may well want to pursue being a life coach but the main pull for me at the moment, is gaining knowledge that will help me first look at my own life and make suitable changes that will make a positive difference to my family life.

What does the course entail?

It’s broken down into different modules and comprises of:

The meaning of life coaching – exploring how the learner can first look at their own life and make suitable changes to make a positive difference.

Skills of effective coaching – providing further focus on self-treatment and taking necessary steps to progress in life.

Areas of life coaching – how to provide individuals with guidance on making a fresh start through focus on areas such as life de-cluttering and having good role models.

Skills required for effective coaching – focusing primarily on how a life coach needs to apply these messages effectively to individuals, using appropriate skills.

Life’s journey – exploring life’s journey and details how our life choices affect the path we take.

Actual coaching – guidance is given on effective coaching techniques and different styles that can be used and how to make it a career.

Life coaching as a career – how all the skills above can be put into practice by setting up a life coaching business.

As I progress through the course, I will update how I am getting along here on the blog. So if this is something that appeals to you and you think that it might benefit you, then do follow along with my journey 🙂