Review of Air Wick Odour Detect

by Hannah

This new sensor device is cleverly designed to infuse fragrance when it detects unpleasant odours in your home. The people behind Air Wick claim it is an air freshener that “nose” best!

Now firstly this got me interested as we have just run out of air freshener and secondly because we live in a flat. Having an open plan kitchen and lounge, it can be really difficult containing cooking smells and although I don’t notice the ‘smell’ of our flat (as you often don’t) I do sometimes wonder what it might smell like to others. I certainly notice a distinct odour to other people’s homes and some are not so good! It’s a well known fact that we can get used to smells in our home – we’ve all walked in the front door after a long day and noticed an unpleasant whiff we hadn’t noticed before.

This is the first air freshener to use the same odour sensor technology found in luxury cars, the Odour Detect automatically detects and overcomes unpleasant odours. It measures the chemicals in a room and reacts when it detects a new odour, by releasing an extra burst of fragrance to tackle the smell.

I received the Cool Linen and White Lilac compact Odour Detect to try out. At first I wondered what on earth the sound was when it first sprayed some fragrance and I had initially placed it in a spot we always walk past, this seemed to confuse it somewhat and it did sometimes go off of it’s own accord. As this spot is not a million miles away from our bathroom with a husband that overdoses on deodorant, I can see now what set it off. So not necessarily bad smells but perhaps more overpowering smells, which is mainly what bad smells are. So if someone enters your home with an offensive perfume you can expect your Odour Detect to want to eliminate it. At least then you wouldn’t need to say anything, the Odour Detect would convey the message perfectly well.

It is now placed in the kitchen and that seems to be the best place for it. The bacon sarnie I cooked at the weekend set it off straight away and any smells coming from the oven are also detected and promptly disguised. As the kitchen is in the same room as the lounge, it covers the whole room. Perhaps if I was to buy another I might buy the larger one to make sure the fragrance is reaching far enough. A smaller one would be ideal in a bathroom that maybe doesn’t get much ventilation. Our bathroom doesn’t have a window but it does have an extractor fan. Although one in there would be a good idea, I might possibly pass out from the scent in a confined space and I think my husbands deodorant would most certainly send it into overdrive.

Even with me being pregnant and a little sensitive to smells, I have not found the scent too overpowering, as long as it doesn’t spray too many times then the smell is very pleasant. I quite like the fact this gadget is doing the thinking for me and automatically covering up smells, it certainly saves me the job of bending down underneath the sink to dig out the spray. I also think it is a great idea for adding fragrance every now and then, as I mentioned earlier it is easy to not notice smells lingering in your own home, especially if you haven’t been out all day.

So for whatever your smell combating needs might be, this gadget really is quite clever. I think it would be particularly good for covering up pet smells, especially cat litter. I haven’t owned a cat for a while but I think this would be great for blitzing the smell before you get chance to clean it out. All in all I think the refills are reasonably priced and depending on where you situate the Odour Detect and which setting it is on will determine how long it will last. Hopefully long enough to not warrant buying more spray cans!

Air Wick Odour Detect is available at all major supermarkets and for your information (should you be interested) here are the fragrances and sizes!

  • Air Wick Odour Detect is available in the following sizes:
  • Max (21cm tall x 8.5cm wide) RRP £13.99 –for larger rooms such as the Living Room
  • Compact  (13cm tall x 6.5cm wide) RRP £9.99 –for smaller rooms such as the Bathroom
  • Air Wick Odour Detect starter kits contain:
  • Air Wick Odour Detect Compact starter kit – 1 Compact diffuser, 1 fragrance spray (choose from Cool Linen & White Lilac or Sicilian Lemon & Ginseng) and 3 AA batteries
  • Air Wick Odour Detect Max starter kit – 1 Max diffuser, 1 fragrance spray (chose from Cool Linen & White Lilac or Smooth Satin & Moon Lily) and 3 AA batteries
  • Refills for both the Max and Compact are available in a wide range of fragrances RRP £3.49
  • For more information visit
Nb. I was kindly sent this item to review. I have shared my experience and expressed opinions on the product that are entirely my own.


HELEN 3rd October 2011 - 6:14 pm

haha , I love that it might detect someones offensive perfume & give a blast of Cool Linen instead! A very clever little gadget!!

Mummybeastie 3rd October 2011 - 6:24 pm

I am quite partial to the smell now! x

Joy Stanton 26th January 2012 - 6:31 pm

Great product, pity the refills are so difficult to get hold of.


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