Pancake Day – 8th March!

I love pancakes and every year when Shrove Tuesday comes around I think ‘why don’t I make them more often?’. Strange that it should take a commercialised event to jog my memory! Especially as we have a love for yorkshire puddings in our house, it’s the same ingredients, I guess we are just programmed for savoury.

Now the reason I mention it is because we celebrated (can you call it that?) pancake day last Tuesday. I mean it was the twenty something of February and I wrongly assumed it was about right. Now with unsurities I would normally consult the fountain of knowledge of such dates (my Mum, most Mums!), she still informs me of the clocks changing year after year and still manages to save the day with these nuggets of information, as I often do forget!

Now having not long spoken to her and divulged our premature pancake fest, she thought nothing of the matter, having eaten pancakes on the same day. Until I informed her that it is in actual fact the 8th March. Which has answered her question as to why there are loads of pancake making stuff around in the shops! As they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and great minds think alike, hmmm less of the great in this case.

Of course it’s no hardship, we just get to do it all again on Tuesday, like I needed an excuse!