New Pampers Baby Dry Nappies

by Hannah

We’re already fans of Pampers in our house and Baby Dry is no exception. We use Active Fit a lot during the day and Baby Dry is the first choice for during the night. As they’re a little thicker and more bulkiness doesn’t matter so much at night, I feel these offer that little more protection. The only time a leak my occur is when my little one has had a lot to drink before bed or sleeps for longer than usual. These nappies have always been able to hold an awful lot before they leak and the fact that they are now designed to distribute the urine throughout the nappy means that one part will not be more saturated than the other. The main area of concern is the top of the nappy and with previous nappies they have started to lift away when soaked through and this of course means that the wetness seaps through the top and gets the tummy all damp. The new and improved Baby Dry has a thicker layer at the top zone which absorbs liquid quickly and keeps baby dry for longer. So far we haven’t had any leaks! Apart from it being uncomfortable for Baby Beastie, it has to be my pet hate doing a complete change of clothes in the middle of the night.


Pampers Baby-Dry now features unique Double Dry-Zones that absorb moisture and lock liquid in better than the next leading nappy, helping keep your baby dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours

Pampers recognises that important brain development occurs when your baby sleeps, as they process everything they have learnt during the day. A good night’s sleep is also an important influence on Good Mornings. But babies don’t just automatically sleep through the night, they often need to learn how, just like crawling and walking! That’s why Pampers have developed a new nappy with unbeatable dryness1 and worked with leading baby-sleep expert Jo Tantum, to develop the ‘Learn to Love Sleep’ approach.

‘Learn to Love Sleep’ is designed to empower parents not be afraid, and to teach their baby to sleep through the night so that they can both look forward to brighter mornings together. For baby, the new approach gives them the skills to nod-off naturally, and after a good night’s sleep, baby enjoys the best possible start to the day as he wakes up bright, alert and full of energy.

Because keeping baby dry at night is an essential part of securing a good night’s sleep – only Pampers Baby-Dry has unique Double Dry-Zones which absorb moisture and lock it in better than the next leading nappy, providing up to 12 hours of reliable dryness.

While your baby sleeps they can wet themselves several times throughout the night and as this builds up, the wetness may irritate baby’s skin and thus disturb their sleep. New Pampers Baby-Dry has a new soft dry-layer with Double Dry-Zones which enables all-over absorbency with liquid distribution in all directions. This keeps moisture away from your baby’s skin, allowing for a longer and more restful sleep, helping to take the stress and anxiety out of night-time for mum.

Initial dose of Klonopin is 0.5 mg 1-2 times per day. The target dose of the drug (for most patients, it is 1 mg per day) can be taken after three days. To reduce daytime drowsiness, you can take the drug once a day before sleep.

Only Pampers Baby-Dry features unique Double-Dry Zones that absorb moisture and lock it in better than the next leading nappy, helping keep your baby dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours, helping your baby to learn to love their sleep each and every night. Working in tandem – the top zone absorbs liquid quickly, while the inner zone locks the moisture in without releasing it. This helps to keep your baby’s skin dry and soft. And for a little bit of help before bedtime, there are new and improved ‘Lion & Friends’ graphics which are not only visually stimulating for your baby but could also inspire some great story-telling from you!

The benefits of a good night’s sleep to both you and your baby are endless, and that’s why ‘Learn to Love Sleep’ provides a new approach to empower parents. There is significant research to suggest that adequate amounts of good quality sleep will have a positive impact on the mood, behaviour and functioning of baby and therefore the whole family. Once parents and baby have mastered the new approach of learning to love sleep, every ’Good Morning’ can be a happy one after a night of Pampers dryness. Thanks to Pampers Baby-Dry you can now be sure that your baby’s much-needed sleep will not be disturbed because of a wet and bulky nappy, helping ensure you all reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep, every night.

Sleep Expert Jo Tantum, from the Pampers Love Sleep and Play expert panel says: “A good night’s sleep is best thought of in terms of quantity and quality i.e: lack of interruptions from wake-ups. Current available research suggests that helping to keep babies dry is one factor which may minimise disruption of sleep due to discomfort, environmental stimulation or temperature alterations.”

Jo Tantum explains the key principles of the ‘Learn to Love Sleep’ approach:

  • Routine will help your baby know when it is night-time. By doing the same things before bedtime such as giving your baby a bath, cuddle, lullaby and fresh nappy, they will begin to associate these activities with sleep
  • As with establishing a sleep routine, the daily cycle is also important. By having ‘active times’ and ‘quiet times’ your baby will become familiar with when it is time to play and when it time for sleep
  • All babies will wake in the night but they will need to learn how to self-soothe. If you hear your baby stirring try to refrain from going in straight away to settle her. Instead, pause a moment and give her a chance to send herself back to sleep. Eventually your baby will be able to nod off without your help

Baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate. Therefore it is very important to look after it by keeping it clean and dry. This can be achieved by choosing a nappy that quickly absorbs moisture and locks liquid in without releasing it, which will help your baby’s sleep not to be disturbed. Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Tabi Leslie, from the Pampers’ Love Sleep and Play expert panel, shares her top tips for caring for your baby’s skin:

  • Change your baby’s nappy when it is wet or soiled, taking extra care in keeping the area clean and dry
  • Nappy rash is not caused by the nappy itself, but by baby’s skin coming into contact with irritants. Try a nappy such as Pampers Baby-Dry which absorbs moisture quickly and locks liquid in without releasing it, providing up to 12 hours of dryness, so your baby’s skin is kept dry
  • A baby’s skin is delicate – choose products specifically designed for baby’s skin; products that are hypo allergenic and fragrance free to avoid irritants

Pampers Baby-Dry has been created to provide your baby with dryness throughout the night for up to 12 hours.

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