Make Me Yummy

by Hannah

I have always been a bit of a sucker for hair products. Always on the look out for gorgeous smelling products that make my hair feel fantastic. I know most people probably love their hair and want to look after it as best as they can but for me I can’t bear a bad hair day!

I know most people don’t wash their hair everyday and quite rightly don’t need to. I, however rarely go without washing mine everyday. If I do ever leave it I am usually staying indoors! To anybody else my hair looks fine (or so they say) but to me it feels horrid and greasy if left a day.

So enough of me rambling on about my obsessional hair habits and on to my product of the week for Make Me Yummy. This week I have chosen Shine Head by Lee Stafford. In the  past I have used the shampoo and conditioner in this range and they ambien dosage purchase smell gorgeous, I don’t use them so often now as I find they are quite heavy after a while and leave a build up. Every now and then though I chop and change and I might buy them. The packaging is super funky and I am partial to a nice shampoo bottle to add glamour to the bathroom.

If you don’t like products on your hair much but want to give your hair a nice sheen then this spray is perfect. I have never liked using hair spray, mousse or heat protection products, anything on my hair makes it feel horrid to me and look dull. If my hair is shiny (a good diet here would also help!) and smells nice then I am much happier. So I might not look yummy mummy but I sure feel it when I spritz this on my hair!

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would like to be ayummy mummy 5th June 2011 - 7:17 am

Morning! Thanks for joining in with the blog hop again. This sounds like a great product. I always feel better when my hair is washed and love nice smelling products in pretty bottles. I am addicted to Bed Head After Party. Will have to do a review about that one day! Looking forward to seeing what product you chose next week xx

mummydaddyme 5th June 2011 - 9:00 am

I have the most awful hard to control hair! It is so so thick and therefore only needs washing every other day because it is so dry! It used to be so long and I loved it but in a moment of madness cut it off just before Mads was born and I regret it so much! Its just not growing! I have tried his (or her) shampoos and conditioners before and your right they do smell lovely! x


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