In the Christmas spirit

by Hannah

This year I have excelled myself with being prepared for Christmas. I took advantage of the toy sales in October and bought the boys the majority of their presents in one go. You have to love the half price and 3 for 2 offers the supermarkets do every year. As I am still on maternity leave I was able to hit the shops early in order to bag my bargains. Last year I was working and that made me extremely agitated indeed.

Anyway luckily this hasn’t been an issue this year and I have been relatively relaxed about the whole process. One of the advantages of getting the boys their presents early, means that I can also focus on presents for the grown ups, which takes a little more deliberation. I have been busy writing lists and noting down ideas when I see them. My list making keeps me more organised but I do tend to have a few on the go in different notebooks and my diary, so occasionally I can confuse myself but so far this year I have managed to keep order ambien cod track of them all. I have also learnt over the years to buy something when I see it to avoid disappointment if I can’t find it nearer the time.

I have also started to plan for how I am going to decorate our home and one of the most important preparations for me is how it is going to smell. Whether it’s the aromatic red cabbage I cook, the smell of pine cones or lighting festive candles. I have ordered a Christmas garland to hang on our large mirror and found some paper chains to make with Beastie. I used to love making these as a child and I can’t wait to start putting them up with him. Hopefully it will find it as much fun as I did. Every year I aim to buy a new decoration for the tree and I have just found a pretty glittery castle to add to the collection this year and I feel it has a touch of magic about it. There are only seven weeks to go now and I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit…

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