I’m more of a glamping sort of girl…what about you?

Glamping = glamorous camping.

Now you wouldn’t expect that these two words would ever feature together or work very well but it’s a word non the less and most definitely the type of camping I would prefer, given the option.

Anyone that knows me well will most likely know that I am not a camper. I have done camping only a couple of times but that was more than enough exposure for me to know that ‘I don’t do camping’. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that precious that I can’t rough it a bit for a few days, it’s more the palaver that camping entails. Ideally I want to stay somewhere reasonably cheap when I go away but the pennies saved is not enough for me to want to camp in a tent.

Admittedly the first time I went camping in a tent was probably not the wisest. A couple of friends and I decided to take a little trip down to Newquay when we were 18, it was spur of the moment and we were really excited (and young). One of my friends had a 2 man tent and off we went. It took us all our time to erect said tent and the 3 nights endured in that tent were the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. Add a friend with badly sunburnt feet and you can picture the misery. She also decided to get her belly button pierced just to add to the misery. You also couldn’t swing a cat in there let alone squeeze 3 people into sleeping bags, once in place we were wedged there for the night.

The second time was a more more plush affair in a friends massive family tent, complete with compartments for sleeping. Shame they didn’t come equipped with beds and a loo! This is what it boils down to, I need to be able to sleep and I need to have the option of going for a wee in the night if I so need to. Dragging someone half asleep to the loo in the middle of the night is not always popular with people. There is nothing worse than not having a toilet nearby when you need it and it’s sod law that you will need to go on these occasions, more psychological I am sure.

So it sounds like I am boring and not fun at all for not liking the ‘camping’ malarky? maybe but it’s just not my idea of summer fun. Traipsing to the shower cubicles looking rough as you like with your clothes and wash bag? finding places to hang/perch your belongings so that you don’t drop them on the wet floor? wondering how the hell you are going to put your slap on let alone managing to straighten your hair? I can hear people say I should chill out as it’s a holiday but I still want to look nice and the fact I am on holiday instantly means that I should have less grief in my life. I say no more.

But give me a caravan and it’s a whole different story…

In July we will be trying out one of the mobile homes at the Sand Le Mere Holiday Village in Yorkshire. We are staying there for 3 nights and I will actually be celebrating my birthday there so it’s lovely to be getting away to mark the occasion. I’ve said in previous posts that we have the option to relocate to the north and last year we took a trip up to Leeds to have a look around and see what we thought. We are still no closer to finding out what are options are but another trip up north is most welcome and a good chance to see what it has to offer.

Sand Le Mere has recently just invested 4 million building a brand new complex, featuring many great new facilities including brand new indoor swimming pool, restaurant, bar and soft play area. All the changes will be completed in June so we are looking forward to seeing what it has to offer during our stay in July.

So we won’t be camping as such as it doesn’t involve a tent and hideous treks to the public loo’s but it’s not glamping either as it’s a mobile home, so kind of cheating and not the great outdoors…To all you happy campers out there I wish you all the best with your camping this summer, I am intrigued to know your survival tips.

If you fancy the look of this holiday village and like the idea of staying in a lodge, mobile home or even roughing it in a tent then you should take a look as they have a special offer on at the moment. You can save 10% off breaks taken during the school holidays, between 1-9 June, 20 July to 1 September and 26 October to 2 November. To claim this discount all you need to do is quote the offer code EB10 when you book online at www.sand-le-mere.co.uk.

Nb. We have been offered 3 nights accommodation in July in return for a review of the holiday village. All views expressed will be our own.