Dreaming of a new sofa

by Hannah

Almost five years ago we moved into our new flat. It was a brand spanking new build and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. As we had been living with my husbands parents (then boyfriend) for a few months we had managed to put a fair few pennies away to enable us to buy furniture.

It seems strange now and I don’t think we fully appreciated what it was like to actually have money readily available. We kitted out our flat with all the essentials we needed without really having to rein ourselves in. As we have quite a large lounge we were able to choose pretty much any sofa we wanted and it was such fun going out to choose one. We ended up opting for a corner one which I would say was at the height of their popularity then. We ordered it early and it sat in storage until we moved in just before Christmas. We may not have had television for six weeks but at least we had our comfy new sofa and I loved it.

Five years later and my love affair with the sofa is most certainly over. The daily plump to keep the cushions well, plump is extremely tedious and since two little boys moved in, there is literally no time to do this. When I do, it’s usually so knackering that I feel like I’ve done a work out once all the cushions and pillows have been punched and whacked into shape. It makes me think buy levitra philippines back to the gorgeous squishy cream full length sofa that I had my eye and then I think again at what state the cream fabric would be in now. That type of fabric was not designed with young children in mind. I would say a leather sofa is probably your best bet!

Workout aside, it’s demise in my eyes is down to the amount of times it has been peed on by Beastie. It survived for almost three years until potty training commenced and then before I knew it accident open accident had happened on near enough every cushion. I should have made more provisions but he always seemed to catch me out when I was busy, drifting off to sleep whilst sat on it and leaving a puddle. Now it has got to the point that I really need to steam clean it to try and resurrect it and remove the underlying smell. As you get used to smells in your own home it can be hard to tell when something might not be smelling too fresh and I often wonder if people smell ‘eau de pee’ when they walk in our lounge. It’s such an awful thought.

I would very much like Father Christmas to bring me a new sofa but along with the rather extensive list that he already has this one might have to wait…at least until the baby is potty trained and that’s a while off yet. *Wanders off to find the pot of bicarbonate of soda*.


Kara 4th November 2012 - 10:18 am

We need a new sofa so badly, we had a large lovely corner sofa but I was bored with it and found it slightly uncomfy so sold it and replaced it with a god awful sofabed, which the kids have managed to ruin within 10 months, we now need a new sofa so badly but are waiting till we hopefully move. But like you what to get with 2 messy kids xx

Mummybeastie 4th November 2012 - 1:35 pm

I find ours uncomfy but it’s certainly not sellable now! I think when you have kids you come to realise that nice furniture is something you can look forward to a few years down the line…x


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