Baker Days Cakes

by Hannah

If someone asks me if I would like to try out some cake then the answer will always be a big fat yes. I’m rather partial to cake. I would say my love for cake has taken on a new dimension since my second pregnancy. I really did eat A LOT of cake during it and to be honest not much has changed now. So a little treat landing on my doorstep was something to look forward to.

Baker Days are a company that make cakes for any occasion. Ranging from letter box size to large party cakes and cupcakes. You have the option to personalise them with over 300 designs and even upload your own photographs to adorn your cake of choice.

As is always the case when there is an opportunity to have something, there is no occasion to celebrate. So I picked a very pretty strawberry patterned cake, simply as I thought it was a lovely design. There is a good choice of cake recipes which include plain madeira, fruit, gluten and wheat free, carrot and double chocolate chip. Anyone who knows me well will know that chocolate is always my first choice, especially double chocolate chip.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but when the cake arrived in the post I didn’t immediately identify it as a cake. In actual fact I thought it was a new iPad case I had ordered, the box was so compact. When I opened the box, I was greeted with the cake presented in a lovely little cake tin accompanied with a party blower, balloon, candles and a card. I must say this was a lovely touch and the attention to detail can’t be faulted. What did surprise me was how small the cake actually was itself. It was very shallow and although it states it feeds 3-4 people these would certainly not be generous portions by any means.

I mentioned earlier that I eat a fair bit of cake but I don’t tend to eat iced cakes. Wedding cakes are of coursed typically iced but I don’t tend to eat ‘royal’ icing. For me they take over the cake and the filling is really what matters to me. As this cake wasn’t very deep it was predominantly icing which was a shame. The double chocolate chip cake itself was nice and chocolately in appearance but wasn’t as rich as I would have hoped. Unfortunately for me the cake was rather synthetic tasting and lacked the artisan quality I expected. However if you are looking to provide someone with that special touch then they can’t be faulted for their presentation and the ease of ordering online. Unfortunately for me though, what is on the inside is far more important that what is on the outside and where cake is concerned, less is most definitely not more.

The cakes range from £14.99 upwards, with a range of designs and options to personalise for any occasion.

Nb. I was sent a cake for the purpose of this review but all opinions and views are entirely my own.

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Emma @mummymummymum 13th November 2012 - 9:51 pm

That looks yummy!


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