A loose canon

by Hannah

Baby Beastie has been crawling for a few weeks now and as his speed and ease with it has increased, so have my nerves. He’s quite nippy when he’s off and he can get extremely stroppy if you try and stop him en route somewhere enticing. These places are usually the most inappropriate of places such as the bin, the cooker, the toilet and seeking out cables no matter how well hidden they are.

I think my memory may be avading me but I am pretty sure he is more of a tearaway than his brother was at this age. He doesn’t sit for very long periods simply playing with his toys – it’s rare in fact. Why sit when there is so much to roam about and see? As we have laminate flooring and no rug in the lounge at the moment, it’s not the easiest place for him to sit and play. He has got a playmat and gym but he simply crawls off them straight away. They hold no appeal these days but for me they provided that crucial padding on the floor to protect his bottom, knees and head. I have lost count of the amount of times he has lost his balance and toppled over, usually he saves himself but occasionally he bumps himself on the floor. This is the only time I miss having a carpet. We used to have a lovely shaggy rug when Beastie was younger but after one too many raisins being squished into it, never to be seen again, we finally gave up on it.

When he’s on the ‘loose’ on the floor I literally have to keep one eye on him all the time, even if he’s in front of me. I have to keep my eagle eye on him even more when he is playing with his brother. On one hand Beastie is a relief to have around as he keeps him entertained and he will sit for longer periods if his brother is sat with him. What then happens is supersilious behaviour from Beastie who gets overexcited and a little rough with his baby brother. It’s times like this that I really have to watch them as this is when Baby Beastie tends to get knocked over, especially when he is pulling himself up on something and gets a shove and loses his balance. Our lounge is very much a playroom as we don’t have room elsewhere for their toys, so a big activity rug would only add to the overall charm of the room – be it childish charm! I usually start to get sick of the sound of my own voice as I have to referee their playtime, even at this tender age. I don’t think I really have any idea of what is to come in future years, apart from frayed nerves and a very hoarse voice perhaps?

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HELEN 13th November 2012 - 10:42 am

ahh look at them, little angels!


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