12 Days of Christmas – 2

by Hannah

Here I bring you a selection of Christmas toys that are suitable for children 3 years and upwards. There is a selection to suit both girls and boys here.


Do you have a Ben 10 fan in your household? Then they will love this character building set where they can build their own adventures. This set is most certainly for the more patient child and one that is willing to sit and concentrate on the task ahead. There are a fair few fiddly little pieces so they will really need to follow the instructions to build the car correctly. What an accomplishment though when it’s finished!

SRP £9.99


Beastie has a few Schleich figurines now and his dinosaur collection is by far his favourite. If you haven’t seen the extensive collection that Schleich do you should check out their site where there are lots of detailed facts about the different figurines. Ranging from farm animals, prehistoric creatures to the Smurfs. The figurines are extremely detailed and perfect to start a collection with that will see them through the years. All of the dinosaurs are hand painted and feature a powerful moveable jaw. You can see they are rather ferocious looking – perfect for die hard prehistoric fans.

SRP £13.99


Scatter Brainz darts make perfect stocking fillers. They come complete with 8 darts and a target sheet. These are lots of fun and stick very well! We had lots of fun trying them out on the wall first and even at each other. I can confirm that they stick fairly well on impact to your forehead. They also leave no marking or residue which is great for throwing them at virtually anything. There are lots to be collected.

SRP £4.99


Gelarti are paint and decorate stickers. Great for a Christmas present but also good beforehand if your kids fancy trying their hands at making Christmas cards for their friends?  It’s a clever craft kit for kids to create their own designs using gel. The stickers are completely reusable and can be used to decorate any surface areas from cards, stationery and even walls and windows. Now you can get Hello Kitty and Moshi Monsters Gelarti kits.

SRP £9.99


Pick up the trash, then throw it out!

The Trash Pack launched last Christmas and there are some great new additions this year. This street sweeper is a must have toy for boys. The idea is to clean up the street with the street sweeper, sweep up the trashies and squish them into the Waste Catcher. If it crashes they’ll make a messy escape!

SRP £19.99

To be continued…

Nb. We were sent these items as part of a feature called the 12 Days of Christmas.

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