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Wrapping up for winter with JD Williams

I may have mentioned it before, but I do rather love a new coat. I'd have a couple every winter if I could, one that's really practical (for wet and windy school runs) and one that is a little bit more dressy. I treated myself to a teddy coat this year but I also wanted

Winter style with Cari’s Closet

We're a good way through January now, yay! However, it's still pretty cold even on days where we have sunshine. After wearing a coat for months, I get so fed up with wearing a big heavy coat all of the time and have always preferred to have my arms more free. I was recently sent

Bobble hat cosiness with La Coqueta Kids

One of the things that I love for Georgie at this time of the year is some cosy knitwear now the weather has turned a bit nippy. Being outside isn't so bad when there are blue skies and sunshine though and when you're prepared for it. On days like this it's when we are still

Enjoying the outdoors with Bassetts Multivitamins #NoDullDays

Autumn has to be our favourite time as a family for getting outdoors. The summertime is obviously great for spending more time outside when it's warmer but it needn't stop as the weather starts to get colder.  Now is perfect before it gets too chilly and you can really appreciate all of the colourful surroundings

When it’s cold outside…stay indoors!

Ever since I was a child I remember the comforting feeling of being all snug indoors when it's raining outside. I still love getting tucked up in bed now when the rain is pelting down on the roof and windows. It's even better during the winter when you can get all cosy wrapped up in

Embracing the Autumn

The chilly weather is well and truly getting into full swing and we are treated to some gloriously sunny days mixed in with some equally unglorious and miserable, rainy wet days. When the temperatures drop it can make it tricky to know what to wear and you can go out all wrapped up only for