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Getting into a good bedtime routine with Moonlite

Bedtimes in our house can be a bit hit and miss with Georgie. She's at that stage where she can still happily nap in the daytime, which in turn can make keeping a regular bedtime a bit tricky. In fact, even if she skips her nap, she often still has the energy to want to

10 goals for the new year and other ramblings

It's January, my least favourite month of the year. I always seem to bang on about it every year and this year was no less. However, this time sees me on maternity leave rather than returning to work. It's both a relief and a bit of a worry to be honest. At least when I returned

End of term…beginning of bedlam

Today marked the end of the school term and the start of the summer holidays. I remember the feeling as a child and nothing could quite beat that feeling of freedom for a few weeks, only to be eclipsed by the excitement of Christmas Day (of course). Now I am a parent experiencing summer holidays