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Christmas gift ideas for Her

As we're now into November, you might have already started to think about Christmas presents. I know that I plan earlier and earlier as the years go by and I find that it really relieves some of the pressure that December inevitably brings! I love buying gifts for other people but I must admit that

Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Attacks | Review

We loved seeing Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 when it came out earlier in the year - so when we received a Jack-Jack Attacks to try out, we were excited to see what he could do. Avid Incredibles fans will simply love Jack-Jack Attacks. He sure looks cute and but underneath his cutesy exterior, lies lots

Festive dining with Poundland

I don't know about you but getting the table just right for Christmas Day, along with making sure we have all the foods we love, is pretty important to me at Christmas time. Nothing beats the smell of the turkey in the oven, pigs in blankets and my absolute favourite, red cabbage. That cooking means

The Magic of the Portable North Pole

It's finally December and the Christmas countdown is in full swing meaning that it's time for pulling out all the stops for creating some Christmas magic. Last year I discovered The Portable North Pole  (PNP) for my boys and it was priceless seeing their reactions to their very own video message from Santa. So when

Christmas is coming…

I would say that Christmas is feeling a lot more busy these days. Obviously with children, comes lots of activities such as school plays, Christmas parties and visiting Santa, but there seems to be so many other little factors that need to be thought about as well. As the children have got older, the traditions we are

Pampers helping to make life #BetterForBaby

This Christmas time the lovely people at Pampers want to help spread the cheer by pledging to help make life #BetterForBaby in local communities. Pampers are doing this by offering five £1,000 bursaries, to help people like you and I make life #BetterForBaby in our local community. It's a celebration of what people do from all walks

#GiftOfGiving with Frugi

Seeing as we're fast approaching Christmas and it is of course the season for giving, it was a pleasant surprise to be gifted a Frugi outfit from one of my very original blogging friends. The lovely Karen who blogs at Would Like to Be  is one of the bloggers who is part of the #FrugiFamily.  I love seeing photos that Karen

Sense Christmas Appeal 2012

Sense is a national charity for deafblind adults and children. For people that are deafblind the world is particularly challenging as the combination of sight and hearing impairment makes communication difficult. The charity helps by providing advice and information as well as specialist services to people with dual sensory impairments. For children the team offer specialist

Presents all wrapped up

I may have mentioned before but I have been extremely organised with getting presents this year. Tonight I placed all of the wrapped presents underneath our tree and I realised just how many I had collected in the last few months. They took me nearly two hours to wrap a couple of weeks ago so

Deck the Halls and Get Prepared

The crisp days and cold temperatures can only mean one thing. December is just around the corner and so is Christmas! Advent calendars at the ready everyone, the countdown is about to begin! With a little organisation and preparation, you can enjoy a stress free build up to the big day. Here’s a quick checklist

Up, up and away…

Okay I know Christmas isn't far away and that most peoples priorities lie with getting prepared for that. There is always such a major build up to Christmas and then in a couple of days it's all over with. I really feel the winter blues coming on when the new year hits and then I

In the Christmas spirit

This year I have excelled myself with being prepared for Christmas. I took advantage of the toy sales in October and bought the boys the majority of their presents in one go. You have to love the half price and 3 for 2 offers the supermarkets do every year. As I am still on maternity

Christmas is creeping up…

It's October and Christmas is being already been talked about.  The shops are fast filling up with all things festive and I am beginning to actually start to look forward to it. It will be even more special this year as we will be celebrating as a family of four. Since I have become a

The end of 2011 and the start of 2012

I have been a bit quiet of late and am ready to get back into blogging with more gusto. I began to wind down before Christmas and during the Christmas period and I think I needed it and I feel better for it. We didn't have a busy time, far from it, compared to our

The Ultimate Christmas Meme

I have been tagged by Mum 2 Baby Insomniac to participate in this festive meme originating from Mummy Alarm. It's a good one... 1. The Christmas song I can even listen to in June is... This is debatable that I wouldn't slightly moan at the ridiculous sound of it in June but my favourite Christmas song

By far the prettiest candle

I love candles and I think most women enjoy a bit of candle light here and there! I know people that are quite obsessive with candles but I wouldn't go that far myself. The main reasons being I don't have a lot of surface areas that are suitable for candles and also most spots that might be suitable are within reach of little fingers.