What Hannah Did Next

Tangible play: Osmo Coding with Awbie

If you haven't yet heard of Osmo then you're in for a treat. Are your kids always on the iPad and you would rather that they were doing something more educational at the same time as having fun? Then this award-winning game system will change the way your child interacts with the iPad and iPhone

Reviving our carpets with Rug Doctor

At the moment, we live in a rented house that has carpets. We absolutely love it here and one of the first things that caught my eye when we viewed the property, was the gorgeous cream carpets throughout. Fast forward a year and we've realised that caring for light carpets with three children, is no

My top 5 pieces of Christmas sparkle

You've guessed it, this post is about all things sparkly for Christmas. I mean it's just got to be done hasn't it? If there is one time in the year that you can get away with wearing full on sequins, it will be December time when it's fully acceptable and expected. So here is my

What hygge means at Christmas

Now I don't claim to be an expert on hygge but I certainly have an invested interest in it. I mean I have a little book on what it's all about and I even know the correct pronunciation, even if I do forget from time to time. To those of you that still perhaps don't

Christmas crowd pleaser: Posh toiletries

I've pretty much got Christmas wrapped up for the children (bar the actual wrapping) and I feel somewhat relieved about that. Their main presents are sorted and I just have to think about rushing around like a loon for all of their fiddly stocking fillers...but that's just the small details and won't require too much

5 reasons you know it’s Christmas…

1. Everyone is walking around with their festive coffee cups and it's no longer a standard latte, it's now a gingerbread latte to follow on from pumpkin spice at Halloween. 2. It's all about the adverts on the tv and all the top stores are contending for the best advert that will melt the heart

Blush and grey bedroom inspiration

I'm always thinking of new additions to our home and one area that I keep meaning to change is our bedoom. It actually has units built in which obviously means that we are limited as to what we can do with it but in actual fact, it helps keep things simple. The units are white,

Bobble hat cosiness with La Coqueta Kids

One of the things that I love for Georgie at this time of the year is some cosy knitwear now the weather has turned a bit nippy. Being outside isn't so bad when there are blue skies and sunshine though and when you're prepared for it. On days like this it's when we are still

My Christmas decor and traditions

I was lying in bed this morning looking out at the tree on the front lawn and I thought to myself how pretty it would look with some lights on it.  We've never had a tree to be able to do this with before, so it's definitely going to get some festive treatment this year.

Festive in black – my fave

Now I'm somebody that doesn't get to dress up very often at all. You get the gist, I lead such an exciting life that getting dolled up is few and far between. Normally, I'm the one that is sifting (and I use that term loosely) through magazines looking at all of the pretty Christmas party

My blogging MUST HAVES

Some of these items I have and some I am in need of and besides all the bigger purchases like cameras etc, these are some essentials that I think need a mention. A planner First up is an amazing planner, a planner that will turn my life around. I'm still waiting for that planner but

Present buying for the man in your life?

Eek it's mid November already and I've only just started to think about what I might get the most awkward person ever to buy for - my husband! Each year it gets a little more difficult to choose items (as if it wasn't hard enough already) and I have to start to think 'outside the

Mumsnet Influencers – Nailing what a conference should be

It’s been many years since I have attended a blogging conference. There have been various reasons as to why I haven’t been to one since 2011 (the very year I started!) but I am so pleased that I decided to attend this one. Mumsnet hosted their very first Influencers event and it truly surpassed all

Our Halloween 2017

So that's it, Halloween done for another year. This year was the first year that Georgie actually joined in with the trick or treating around our neighbourhood. Last year, she just donned a little cat costume and stayed indoors! However a year on she wanted to go out with the big kids and she actually

Enjoying the outdoors with Bassetts Multivitamins #NoDullDays

Autumn has to be our favourite time as a family for getting outdoors. The summertime is obviously great for spending more time outside when it's warmer but it needn't stop as the weather starts to get colder.  Now is perfect before it gets too chilly and you can really appreciate all of the colourful surroundings

Undley Farm Pumpkin Patch and Maize Maze

For a couple of years now, I've been meaning to take my kids to a pumpkin patch ahead of the Halloween celebrations. I searched and searched last year and all that was local to us in Buckinghamshire, were some barns piled up with pumpkins to buy but none involved visiting an actual patch. Luckily for

The day I made my own Big Mac #YourNewMcDonalds

Recently I went to visit the McDonald’s at Norwich airport where along with a group of other bloggers we were given a guided tour of the new facilities available and given the opportunity to make our very own Big Mac. I haven’t actually been into one of their restaurants for quite a while and it's

Your very own Shiatsu Massager in your home

Ever felt like you really need a good shoulder and back massage but there is literally no one around or willing to give you one? This is where a massager is worth its weight in gold. Over the years, I've always been prone to pulling my neck, so anything that claims to help with tension

Learning to tell the time with an Ice-Watch

Learning to tell the time has been a pretty big topic in our house lately. Mainly because our eldest son who is 8, still hasn't fully got to grips with it. Besides it being a pretty good idea to be able to tell the time at 8, it's also becoming an issue when the boys