What Hannah Did Next

Throwing a Summer Garden Party

It feels like we’ve waited a long time, but finally summer is here! And though the British weather may not always allow for an entirely sunny summer holiday, it is not quite as bad as its reputation may have you believe. We get lovely long days and light evenings, with the occasional sunny spells (and

Need a blog makeover? Learn how to do it yourself!

Do you desperately want to change the look of your self hosted Wordpress blog? Do you often think about giving your blog a makeover but find the thought of changing it all rather daunting? If this is you and you want to refresh the look of your blog, then read on to find out how

#SpaSeekersParentsRetreat at the Brooklands Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit a spa with some blogging friends for a 'parents retreat'. Now when this was suggested to me I didn't need anytime at all to think about my answer. Er, yes please! I actually had to really think about when it was that I last had a

How to enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your WordPress site

Chances are if you are looking at this, then you are interested in learning more about Pinterest Rich Pins. If you follow the step by step by guide below, you will be able to utilise rich pins for your wordpress site. Don't worry it's a lot more straight forward than some people will lead you

Clean eating with Everdine delivered to your door

There seem to be a lot of companies out there at the moment that offer a variety of meals to be delivered to your doorstep and all of them offering easy sign ups and tempting offers. In the age where we crave convenience more than ever, these types of meal packages are proving to be

Not being a homeowner vs being happy

I've mentioned before that we are currently renting a property since we relocated to Norfolk. Financially we are not able to buy a house at the moment but if even we were able to, we would have opted to rent initially with moving into a new area. We wouldn't have wanted to make such a

Lighting trends for your garden this summer

There is nothing like a little heatwave to make everyone want to spend as much time as they can outside and when that happens, you need outside to look nice. I was sat in the garden late yesterday evening simply just trying to keep cool sat on a lounger. The kids were in bed, it

A Toy Story Movie Night

If you ask my kids what their all time favourite film is, they will without a doubt always mention Toy Story. Of course new films will always be on their minds when you see them advertised everywhere you go, but good old Toy Story still has that special place for them...and for me too. We

A family meal out with #PrezzoLaFamiglia

We always love to try out new family friendly restaurants and even more so since we have moved. We've already found a few firm favourites but of course are always on the look out for more. Recently we visited one of our local Prezzo restaurants in Norwich as part of the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge. There

Blog Glassboard: Get yourself organised

Now I have been trying to get 'organised' with my blog since 2011... I'm a massive list maker and am also notorious for making lists here and there in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on my phone. The worst part about doing that is that although I'm jotting things down, I'll often forget about

My 6 top picks for luxury garden items

Taking the indoors...outdoors The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous and without wanting to jinx it, it's apparently set to stay for a little while yet. This means of course that we can spend a lot more time outdoors and most importantly our kids can make the most of playing out in the fresh

Heaven sent hair for mother and daughter

Since having my little girl, I still often pinch myself when we can get things that are the same. I wrote a post when she was smaller about bringing up a daughter and how I felt about it. Now she is nearly two years old and her 'girly' traits are really starting to show and

Grab that coffee and let Bidvine do the work

Hands up who struggles to find the time to get stuff done, let alone source people to help you out when you need it? We all have to use people's services from time to time but it can be a real hassle to find the right person for certains jobs. When we relocated to Norfolk

Summer fun in the garden: Ideas to keep the kids outdoors

The weather lately has been absolutely lovely and of course has meant that we've been outdoors much more. I'm very much a homebody but being stuck inside the house during the colder months can start to get a little too much. It's so much nicer to be able to spread out into the garden and

Upcyling a nest of tables using Pinty Plus chalk spray paint

The lounge update project continues and this time I focused on a nest of tables that we inherited.  They were dark wood with some sort of veneer finish and not in terribly good condition. Working with Pinty Plus again, I decided to choose some chalk spray paint to bring them up to date. My original

An afternoon talking #TeenTalk with Gabby Logan and Boots

A few weeks ago I attended an afternoon tea hosted by Gabby Logan talking TeenTalk in collaboration with Boots. We were talking about how difficult the transition can be for both teenagers and their parents, during puberty. That all important talk that looms, I found the discussions really interesting, as although my eldest child is

A venture into our local rapeseed field

It's been a couple of years since we last ventured into a rapeseed field to get some family photos and since we moved to Norfolk, we've been pleasantly surprised to find that they're everywhere here! The yellow fields are absolutely beautiful at this time of the year and quite breathtaking when they stretch far and

What’s the Recipe for a New Wave Man Cave?

First came the shed, man’s supposed sanctuary surreptitiously stowed away at the bottom of the garden or better still, adorning an allotment. Next came the man cave – a quiet room or corner where the man of the house could hide away and enjoy his hobbies, undisturbed. Be it playing obtuse vinyl records, digging into

Creating a tropical art gallery with Wayfair

Recently I was thrilled to become a member of the Home Expert programme with Wayfair and this month they asked a few of us to create a gallery wall using some pieces from The Art Group. The themes were entirely our choice and I enjoyed looking for inspiration that would lead me to the the

A little room goal inspiration

One of my favourite things to do from time to time is to dream about what I would have in my own home, if money were no object. It's like when you fantasise about winning the lottery and you go a little crazy thinking about what you would actually spend the money on. Our home