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5 books I’ve read this year…

You wouldn't know it these days but I love reading and would happily hang out in book shops if I had the chance (anyone else like the smell of brand new books?).  Not only are they great for a little bit of escapism but I feel that they're good for my soul and with each

The Dominican Republic – Part 2

I never need an excuse to look back through holiday photos, so actually writing up posts on our trips away is not only lovely to write but it's also me documenting the things that we got up to, that I will most likely forget in years to come. The boys are still talking about our

Top 30 things that Brits are likely to forget

Do you ever find yourself wondering how on earth you manage to get through some days in one piece? I’m sure most modern mums have found themselves overwhelmed at some point or another. I certainly have. I’m not talking about baby burnout since my kids are school age now, rather that classic angst feeling, when

Travelling with Cabin Zero bags

I don't know about you, but I'm always ill prepared with bags when we go on trips away. When it came to planning our recent trip abroad, I knew that I needed to make sure for starters that I would be more organised with my carry on luggage. It used to be so simple when

Our trip to the Dominican Republic – Part 1

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over two weeks already since we returned from our holiday to the Dominican Republic. It was our first holiday abroad with the kids that was long haul and the distance on the flight initially made me a little apprehensive about how they'd (and we'd) cope. In my quest

My water confidence and fitness

As you may already be aware, I've been attempting a bit of a fitness overhaul at the moment. However, one recurrent theme seems to stay with me and that is the fact that getting fit can be so boring. Not only can it be boring but it's also a lot of hard work and the

Holiday edit: Beach and pool essentials

Now I have a tendency to want to go a bit overboard when it comes to planning holiday clothes and accessories. Although I'm aware that it's kind of an unecessary expense, shopping for new bits and pieces is what I really love about the preparations for going away. I always find it easiest to browse

Flamingo love with Gingersnap

Neon lights always add something to a room and Gingersnap have a great choice of lamps to brighten up your home. If I were to choose my favourite neon shade, then it would without a doubt be pink! It looks the most effective with it's lovely warm glow and naturally works perfectly with flamingoes. I

Boxie subscription box

Do you love a subscription box? If you look forward to a box being delivered that is full of goodies that you don't know about, then Boxie offer boxes with different themes. It's all about the surprise element and if you love not knowing what you'll get exactly, then a box like this is for

Adding some new pieces to my wardrobe with Wearall

I'm always keen to inject some new outfits into my wardrobe and even better when they're pieces that can be carried onto the next season. I chose some items from Wearall who have a great selection of casual and dressy outfits and who currently have a 20% sale at the moment too. This satin blouse

The Value of Movement with Matalan

We all know that keeping active helps to keep our bodies and minds healthy but it's not always easy to find something that works for you and your lifestyle. I'm the first to hold my hand up and admit that I'm not terribly good when it comes to exercise. When I do start some form

Wearing my favourite blue with Cari’s Closet

I've always loved wearing blue and in particular this striking shade of blue (or purple if you're my husband). We all have a colour that makes us feel good and brings out our best features and this colour always catches my eye when I'm looking for new outfits. This plunge dress from Cari's Closet is

Valentine’s chocolate caramel torte

As always, I'm very much about making recipes that turn out well and if followed correctly, work every time! Of course it's nice to mix it up a bit and try new things but it's always good to know that you can whip up a crowd pleaser without the worry of it being a disaster!

Review: Maxi-Cosi Tobi car seat

Ever since Georgie moved out of her stage 1 car seat, we've struggled to find a seat that works for her and the car. She originally upgraded to a seat that enabled her to be seated rear facing and she found that comfortable and we were reassured that it was deemed the safest way for

Disney aden+anais dream blanket

I've owned a couple of beautiful aden+anais muslins since I've had my children and they've always been my luxury ones that I liked to save for special occasions. You know, not just your average plain muslin that is there to mop up accidents when your baby is still small but one that has a gorgeous

Easy Yorkshire Puddings

We're big fans of yorkshire puddings in our house and although we don't have them all that often, a sure sign that we need to eat more roast dinners, we always make them from scratch. I have never liked the ones you buy pre-made that resemble cardboard. So in my eyes, if you're going to

What inspires us to travel as a family

What inspires you when it comes to booking that family holiday? Thinking of holidays in January is pretty much part and parcel of getting through the month. It's the prospect of being anywhere but at work and away from our lives and the pressures - a little sanctuary to retreat to where you can recharge