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The Gallery – Mother Love

The Gallery theme this week is Mother Love over at Tara's blog Sticky Fingers.It took me a while to find a photo I thought suitable for this theme. Sadly I don't have any photo's on my computer of my Mum, Beastie and I. So I will certainly have to change that next time I see her! This

Being poorly whilst being Mummy

I have had an awful weekend. There is no other way to put it, coinciding with Mother's Day, just brilliant and just my luck. Yesterday I was aware of the fact other Mum's were being spoilt rotten and out enjoying their special day. I managed a drive out in the countryside (as a passenger) for

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This cake is one I have been making for years now. It's by far the most chocolatey cake I have ever made and is always a success. It's a firm favourite in my house and the longer the cake is around the better it tastes! So for Mother's day tomorrow I am going to post my

Flashback Friday

So this is my first go at Flashback Friday over at Karin's blog hop on Cafe Bebe...This photo inspired me as my little boy has just turned two...I was 3 here and my son has an uncanny resemblance to me in this photo (the one in front of the cake!). This was taken in Lancashire

Movie Meme – Chick Flick

This is my first week contributing to Hannah's Movie Meme over at Metal Mummy. I thought it best to have a look through at the other posts beforehand as I didn't want to bang on about the same film as everyone else. Of course I would have been extremely predictable and picked the ultimate in my eyes, the

Being a Trolley Dolly

After my last post on Listography I gave myself the idea of writing a post about my days up in the sky. Now as mentioned it was one of the careers on my list that I had always dreamed of doing, as with most things in life you look back and wonder what exactly the

Being a Trolly Dolly

After my last post on Listography I gave myself the idea of writing a post about my days up in the sky. Now as mentioned it was one of the careers on my list that I had always dreamed of doing, as with most things in life you look back and wonder what exactly the

The Beautiful People

Yesterday I took Beastie shopping to a nice brand spanking new shopping centre not too far from us. I went in search of a cute little outfit for a baby shower and also to return a top my husband had bought me from a new store. This store is the sister brand of another well

Liebster Blog Award and Sharing the Love

Yesterday the lovely Liska at New Mum Online very kindly presented me with a blog award.  It's called the Liebster Blog award. It’s for people with ‘little’ blogs (less than 300 subscribers) to share blog love and spread the word.The rules are:1. Post displaying the award (done), linking back to the person who awarded you (done)2.

Listography – What I want to be when I grow up

Now I sat for a while trying to remember what I dreamt of becoming when I was a nipper and looking at everyone elses entries so far, mine are to say the least 'bog standard' and 'run of the mill' aspirations, but here they are nonetheless...Now I can't remember what order most of these come

The Wheelybug

So there I was trawling through the internet looking for the next beloved toy for Beastie, a toy that would stand the test of time, when I came across the Wheelybug. Instantly eye catching with their cute designs, the ride on toys are a simple idea with an innovative design, this was instantly a winner with

The Gallery – Trees

The topic this week for The Gallery is Trees, so far I have seen some pretty impressive photo's and on first glance at this post I thought it not very interesting. I have been proved wrong as some truly are magnificent. This tree was taken on one of my favourite walks by the river, it

Learning Through Play

Watching your child playing is magical. When they are very young you can sit for ages watching them peacefully sleeping, similarly when they start to get older watching them play without a care in the world. I find it incredible how quickly children learn and discover new skills overnight, every day brings a new discovery. It

Childhood sweeties!

Retro sweets is the topic of Kate's Listography this week, I think we all still get excited when we spot sweets from our childhood and although I find most really sweet now, I still love to buy them when I see them.Here are my 5 picks...I remember getting dip dabs (although in my memory it's

Exercise is a bore…

Now exercise is something we all know is good for us, but how many of us actually keep to schedules that we set ourselves?I for one have never got on with 'keep fit 'and to this day have never completed a course of classes or committed myself to a gym for more than a few

Little Tikes Ruby Red Classic Cozy Coupe (Limited Edition)

  (nb. not my child, but looks very similar!)   We were at a friends house sat in their garden one sunny Saturday, enjoying an unusually warm day when Beastie came tumbling into the garden and set his eyes on the big, shiny car sitting on the patio. I think this was his first crush,

Glorious sunshine

Today I feel good, full of optimism! I love days like today when the skies are blue without a cloud in sight and the sunshine makes the air seem hazy. I am not green fingered in the slightest but when the weather perks up it always makes me think about sitting outdoors with beautiful surroundings,