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Make Me Yummy

Unfortunately I haven't received lots of goodies through the post to try out and share my views. What I can do is share with you what has been working great since away on holiday and since I have returned, in my quest to keep my skin looking as bronzed as it can be for as long

The Holiday

I couldn't return from my holiday and not write a post about it. With all holidays they have their ups and downs and I am pleased to say this holiday was by far the most smooth running one we have had with Beastie so far. Ok so we have only had four with him to

MUMenTUM – Monday Check in 7

So I am back refreshed from my holiday and starting this week with some commitment by writing this long overdue post. I did mention that my holiday was 'home from home' and that I would be tweeting and throwing in a post or two for which I didn't manage (posting at least). I think you

Good Bloggers Pay it Forward: Blog Award

I woke up this morning, earlier than I would have wanted, but pleased to see I had received an award from Liska at New Mum Online. I have known Liska since the very early days of starting out blogging (so only a few months back) and she has become a firm friend on here. I have

MUMenTUM – Monday Check in 5

Well my Monday check in is a bit late, by two days! This has been the first chance I have actually had to sit down and write. Liska at New Mum Online has been doing a sterling job of keeping everyone in contact and of course creating the list of Biogs, if you haven't seen this

Make Me Yummy

I have always been a bit of a sucker for hair products. Always on the look out for gorgeous smelling products that make my hair feel fantastic. I know most people probably love their hair and want to look after it as best as they can but for me I can't bear a bad hair

MUMenTUM – Monday check in 2

Just in case any of us should forget, Liska over at New Mum Online gently reminds us to document our week of saintly behaviour or more likely in my case, sinful behaviour. I shall say I have had a bit of both and as the week has passed and it firmly fell into the latter category.The end of my

The Gallery – Chilled Out

I couldn't think of one photo that summed up Chilled Out so here are a few pictures from the master of being chilled. I don't think we ever tire of watching our babies sleeping and here are just a few of my favourites. Failing being asleep, two fingers act perfectly well as a dummy =

MUMenTUM – Monday Check in 1

I think it's great that Liska over at New Mum Online has decided to make a linky for our group challenge. So every Monday we will each write a post about the previous week and how we all manage, warts and all.It has been encouraging to see that everyone has been very proactive in their

First week of flab busting

I thought I would share with you my week (although short I know) of attempting to be healthy. I am in the right mindset and have the wonderful support of some like minded bloggers who are hoping to slim down for summer time. Heck I need to slim down for this weekend seeing as it's

Boot Cut Boot Camp Bootie!

It's all in the aptly named title. Liska at New Mum Online has tagged me in on a challenge we have set ourselves. To lose weight...starting tomorrow. Liska wrote the post outlining her reasons behind wanting to lose weight, so I shall do the same here.I usually get to a point where I feel enough is

Date Night

So last night we went out on a 'Date Night' which consisted of a meal followed by a film. It has been so long since the last date that we couldn't even agree on what film we watched at the time. We simply couldn't remember. Did we watch said film at the cinema or at home? My husbands guess was

Igniting Passions…of Interest!

I have been nudged asked kindly by The Crazy Kitchen and Mummy, Daddy and me makes three! to join in with Multiple Mummy's first ever meme! You can find Kerry's reasons for creating this if you pop over to her blog, but basically she had to remember her interests/passions in life whilst at a dinner party and the pressure was on. Well

The Gallery – Green

The theme this week over on Tara's blog is Green, I love that every week it is open to interpretation and doesn't always have to be the obvious. I have decided to go with my first thoughts and this was what I came up with...the obvious!These were the escalators that took us up to our

Movie Meme – Horror

I saw Hannah's theme this week and rubbed my hands in glee. Until recently horror films were always the film genre of choice for me and I used to challenge myself to try and find films that scared me. People would recommend films claiming they were terrifying only for me to sit laughing at some of