What Hannah Did Next

The Gallery – Water

I love Water, maybe as my star sign is Cancer and I am naturally supposed to be a water baby. I do however have my fears in the sea, being out too deep, worrying about what lies beneath and what might grab me but I still go in all the same and have braved some

Play Day in Richmond Park

On Wednesday I had the pleasure in attending one of the National Play Days sponsored by Savlon and hosted by Donna from Not Yet a Yummy Mummy. Donna organised the day perfectly, even though she will deny this and it was lovely to meet up with a couple of her friends along with Bianca from

Play Day 3rd August

Did you know Wednesday 3rd of August 2011 is the National Day for Play? The idea behind Play Day is, that according to recent findings, we don't take our children to play outside as much as we used to when we were younger. Savlon undertook some research about outdoor play which revealed some shocking results:

MUMenTUM – Thinking Slimmer 2 weeks on

It has been two weeks now since I started my Thinking Slimmer journey. Where has the time gone? In a weeks time I will have completed the required twenty one days. I have honestly found it so easy to listen to the slimpod every night, seeing as it only last for ten minutes, there really

Introducing a guest post from Lilly Von Pink

I applied to join in with the BritMums guest post match up and was paired with the very lovely Lilly Von Pink. I think you will agree Lilly is inspirational running three businesses whilst being a Mum. What a stylish lady to boot! Lilly Von Pink blogs at www.lillyvonpink.blogspot.com. She is a 27 year old

Bob’s Big Build Event

I heard about this event today and will be so thrilled if we are lucky enough to receive some tickets. It will certainly be a day jam packed with activities and one to remember. If your little ones love Bob the Builder then this fun extravaganza is not to be missed! Register now to get

VTech Digi-Fun workshops for kids

I was kindly given the opportunity to sign up and attend one of these fantastic workshops, there was just one small problem, that being my son is too young to qualify. I am finding more and more now that two is between ages and although he is not quite old enough for some activities he

Dance Star Mickey

Beastie and I were very excited to review Dance Star Mickey. Ok, well it was just me who eagerly anticipated his arrival but he was worth waiting for. We both squealed when we unwrapped the box and took him out. I couldn't get him out of his packaging quick enough but as usual toys are

MUMenTUM – Thinking Slimmer

I have been waiting to do this post for Monday's linky as I wanted to get started on my slimpod from Thinking Slimmer. I have been so excited to get started on what seems to be a revolutionary product. We all read about gimmicks from time to time and you read testimonials on websites revealing

Worries for the future

I feel my heart feels heavy at the moment with worrying about the future. I know that I am very lucky in many respects, I have a loving husband, a wonderful son and supportive family. We have jobs and we make ends meet, our home is nice and we don't go without food. I know

Becoming a grown up on the London Underground

This week I had another trip to London to attend Christmas in July and it was to be the second time getting the tube on my own. To seasoned Londoners, this statement probably seems absurd and ridiculous, I mean how difficult can it be? Well with me anything can happen. Now I am not a dappy

The Gallery: Grandparents

I see this week it is open to choose whichever generation of grandparents you wish. I immediately thought of my own grandparents and knew this post had to be about them. I have posted pictures previously of them and this is a great opportunity to put a few pictures in one place as a memory

MUMenTUM – Monday Check in

I have been a bit slack lately with MUMenTUM and I want to apologise to all the lovely ladies who have contributed every week, rain or shine. I am back with a renewed vigour and want to truly make the most of this group and the support it brings.I have just popped on the scales

Goodies in return for fright!

Last week I had what I would describe as a 'lift trauma' in my local House of Fraser. I have never been the sort of person to worry about lifts, nothing has ever happened to me before for me to have reason to be cautious. I am not claustrophobic or fearful of the lift getting

Cybermummy Fever

After all the hype surrounding Cybermummy and the build up last week it seems strange that it has been and gone. Like a holiday, you look forward to it so much and then it's over in a flash. Already everyone is looking forward to next year! Not that we are wishing our lives away or