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Tearful over fish? whatever next…

I don't think of myself as an overly emotional person. Don't get me wrong I am not a hard faced woman without emotion, I just mean I don't get upset or cry at things that maybe other women might do. For example if a soppy film is on, I will develop a rather large lump

16 weeks... Last week I had my 16 week routine appointment with the midwife (although I am 16 weeks today). All was well and straight forward and I got to hear bubba's heartbeat on the doppler, it was a little tricky to find but once she found it we mainly heard plenty of booting. Just

A question of Boobs…

I have never been very good with the whole getting measured for a bra malarky, I have been measured approximately three times in the past. Each time I have not been wholly convinced of the verdict. Just because the tape measure suggests you are a certain size, doesn't mean that you are going to be

Rice Krispie Cakes

I had planned to contribute my first post to the linky 'Cooking With Your Toddler' over at The Crazy Kitchen earlier this week but failed to do so missing a vital ingredient, Golden Syrup. My plan was to make Rice Krispie Cakes (thank you Seasider in the City) with Beastie as an easy way to start off

15 weeks... As the title says I am 15 weeks into my pregnancy and I am starting to feel better and better. Now the nausea is subsiding I am noticing just general tiredness which of course I can cope with. I even enjoyed a thai curry yesterday and it stayed put, it is great that

Review of Air Wick Odour Detect

This new sensor device is cleverly designed to infuse fragrance when it detects unpleasant odours in your home. The people behind Air Wick claim it is an air freshener that “nose” best! Now firstly this got me interested as we have just run out of air freshener and secondly because we live in a flat. Having

Start of the second trimester... Every Monday I am going to complete an entry into my Bump Diary. This will be a way to remember all those moments that I forgot with my first pregnancy and act as a journal documenting the journey through pregnancy and beyond... I am 14 weeks into my pregnancy now

Save the Children: No Child Born to Die

This is a cause that no one can ignore and when you are a Mum is hits home even more so. Many mummy bloggers have long since posted their pieces so I will not repeat what has been said, so many people have written such fantastic heartfelt posts. I simply want to show my support,

Special Announcement: I'm expecting... At last I have finally got myself comfortable, laptop on lap and am able to write this post. On Monday I had my 12 week scan to confirm that the bubba we have on board is doing just fine hence allowing me to announce it on here! We are delighted that

The Gallery: Shoes

I am not your typical girl when it comes to shoes. I do love shoes and completely understand why women have love affairs with them. For me, I sadly have a love/hate relationship with footwear. I think this most probably derives from my childhood and memories of never finding the shoes I really wanted. I

Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Dig DVD Giveaway!

As this is my first proper post on my new site I thought what better way to introduce it than with a competition with everyone's favourite character Bob the Builder. The all new DVD is being released soon... In this exciting never seen before 60 minute feature length special, we catch up with Bob and

Potties and willies

We are at that stage where I would say we are on the 'cusp' of potty training. Beastie will be two and a half next month and so far everywhere I have read it states that this is around the age you can expect a boy to be ready.  Now it's a always an interesting

Listography – Guilty Pleasures

It's been a long while since I have joined in with this linky from Kate Takes Five, mainly due to the fact I have been absent from my blog and twitter! So this weeks topic seemed appealing and after staring at the wall pondering for a while I have come up with my list of

VTech InnoTab Launch

Last week I was given the opportunity to attend the launch of VTech's latest gadget, the InnoTab, dubbed the 'new iPad for kids'. I thought this new release would be a fantastic replacement in the quest for winning back our iPad. Considering it has been adopted by Beastie and you might agree, is a rather