We were recently invited to stay at Urban Villa in West London. It’s a boutique style hotel with the luxury of staying in rooms that are apartments, rather than just ‘rooms’.

Initially we were asked to bring along the kids for the night and take the opportunity to see some of London’s attractions whilst there, but we felt that this stay would be better suited to it being just the two of us. The ideal excuse to enjoy a date night.

So we packed off the kids to have a sleep over with their grandparents, while we made the most of having a stunning apartment to ourselves for the day and evening.

The hotel has its own underground parking, so we were instantly more relaxed knowing that we wouldn’t have to worry about where to park once we got there!

The ambient atmosphere was immediately apparent as we arrived in the lobby and I instantly loved the vibe of the place and especially the very instagrammable leafy wall!

Our room for the night was one of the Executive Villa’s up on the tenth floor. When we checked out the hotel before our stay, we knew that the enclosed balcony was worth the visit alone!

It was quite simply incredible and hands down the best part about the apartment. As luck would have it, the had sunny days had come to an end when we stayed and we mainly had a drizzling outlook. However, at night is when the balcony really comes alive and we were treated to a firework display in the distance too.

It comes with a fully equipped kitchen, so you have everything you need should you choose to stay in (like we did). There is a small Sainsbury’s opposite the hotel, so that came in very handy indeed.

The apartment layout is based around the crescent shaped balcony, so you can see here that the lounge area is  little narrower.

The overhead shower was AMAZING, not only because I always find it a treat to stay somewhere that has a rain shower but also because of the toilletries provided in dispensers. The rum bodywash spelt divine!

The bedroom was really minimal, which I love. Everything is designed to be practical and the overall design seamless.

When you’re in the habit of shooting fashion photos for Instagram, you will appreciate that this balcony space is simply MADE for photos like this. The light was spot on and I will miss not being able to take more photos there. We certainly made the most of our opportunity.

It was always our intention to film a video of our getaway and from the start it was always going to be shot a little differently from the style that we normally do…

We had a lot of fun and most importantly, we got to spend some time on our own and just hang out!

Nb. We were invited to stay at Urban Villa in return for a review of our experience.