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Our Ibiza trip through our Instagram shots

I can hardly believe that it was only a few months ago that we were pinching ourselves that we were holidaying in the Dominican Republic.  We never would have imagined that we'd be taking another trip away before the summer holidays were out, yet Ibiza came along and it truly made the end of our

The Dominican Republic – Part 2

I never need an excuse to look back through holiday photos, so actually writing up posts on our trips away is not only lovely to write but it's also me documenting the things that we got up to, that I will most likely forget in years to come. The boys are still talking about our

Travelling with Cabin Zero bags

I don't know about you, but I'm always ill prepared with bags when we go on trips away. When it came to planning our recent trip abroad, I knew that I needed to make sure for starters that I would be more organised with my carry on luggage. It used to be so simple when

Our trip to the Dominican Republic – Part 1

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over two weeks already since we returned from our holiday to the Dominican Republic. It was our first holiday abroad with the kids that was long haul and the distance on the flight initially made me a little apprehensive about how they'd (and we'd) cope. In my quest

What inspires us to travel as a family

What inspires you when it comes to booking that family holiday? Thinking of holidays in January is pretty much part and parcel of getting through the month. It's the prospect of being anywhere but at work and away from our lives and the pressures - a little sanctuary to retreat to where you can recharge

Why we love Lanzarote for a family holiday

Last year we went on our first proper holiday as five and it was most definitely one of those holidays that will stay with us for a long time.  We hadn't anticipated going anywhere at all but we were fortunate enough to be gifted some money from a family member and we knew that a

Travel: An Italian Family Holiday

Family holidays are very important, they offer an often much needed opportunity to step away from the every day routine and allow families to spend some real quality time together and create lovely memories. Nonetheless, there are different families in different situations- meaning that a summer holiday might not be doable for everyone, or perhaps

Family Travel: Cornbury Festival 2017

We recently attended our very first festival as a family and we were both apprehensive and excited about our little trip. It's been many years since I have been to a festival and when I did it was pre-kids and even pre-husband! So experiencing a festival with the children in tow, was something completely new.

Places to visit as a family

The last few years have been a bit of a whirlwind of baby rearing and general chaos, so taking trips to new places abroad hasn't been high on our agenda. However, even though we now have another baby in tow, it does make me think forward to the future and what travels we can now look forward to as