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Limited Edition Panda TOMS with #WildAid

Last week I went down to London to attend an event hosted by TOMS at their flagship store. If you're not already familiar with TOMS, they sell a fantastic range of canvas shoes and their whole ethos is 'One for One' - meaning that with every pair of shoes bought, they will provide a pair

A classic tan bag – The Pacapod Mirano Tote

I've always known of Pacapod and heard great things about their bags, but until now I have never owned one myself. I've tried a few changing bags now with having three children and ironically I had more girly styled bags when I just had the boys. What I've never really had though, is a classic

Support your new reader with Reading Eggs

Before I had children, I somewhat naively assumed that teaching skills such as reading, wouldn't be too much of a problem and in fact with my first child, it really wasn't. It didn't take him that long to grasp his alphabet and with a bit of determination to learn and concentrate, everything eventually clicked. Now

Unicorn and rainbows for a girls room

My blog has been rather quiet these past few weeks.  Christmas was a busy time and then we made it even busier by moving home in between Christmas and New Year! We still have a lot of settling in to do but one main priority was to get the children's bedrooms set up for them

Festive dining with Poundland

I don't know about you but getting the table just right for Christmas Day, along with making sure we have all the foods we love, is pretty important to me at Christmas time. Nothing beats the smell of the turkey in the oven, pigs in blankets and my absolute favourite, red cabbage. That cooking means

The Magic of the Portable North Pole

It's finally December and the Christmas countdown is in full swing meaning that it's time for pulling out all the stops for creating some Christmas magic. Last year I discovered The Portable North Pole  (PNP) for my boys and it was priceless seeing their reactions to their very own video message from Santa. So when

A closer look at my JORD watch with a giveaway

I actually haven't worn a watch for a few years now and the last time I received one was for my thirtieth birthday. I wore it until the battery ran out and then I never wore it again because the jeweller was expecting ridiculous amounts of money to send it off to replace the battery.

When your husband turns all blogger on you

I've been blogging on and off for over five years now and in all that time, my husband has always been a part of the process behind the scenes. First of all he helped me fathom the good old days of blogspot and it was then down to him that I then became self hosted.

How to make a tutu that’s so easy

My quest to make a tutu all started when I looked into buying a tutu for my daughter to wear on her first birthday. I quickly realised that they could be quite pricey and considering that I wanted to make one for myself too at some point, I thought I'd do a little research into

How we achieve our overhead photos

We have been posting a few overhead shots lately and so far the comments we have received on them have been really positive. Quite a few people have asked how we manage to achieve them, so we thought it might be helpful to actually show how we do it! You might have considered these questions

Twinning is winning in a tutu

If you follow me on Instagram you will have most likely seen a couple of photos that I posted recently of my daughter and I wearing tutu's. I even posted a time lapse on there showing the process of making my daughters one, showing how easy it is. Since the moment I found out I

Diono Radian 5 car seat

It only seems like yesterday that I was placing my baby girl in her car seat as a newborn and yet here she is, ready for her next stage car seat. The boys previous seat had reached the end of its shelf life and was deemed unfit for use, so the little lady was always

How to pose like a pro and not feel awkward

If you're a model and you're reading this, then I'd like to apologise as this clearly isn't meant for you. However, if you're like me and most definitely not a model or a natural at 'posing' because it just feels too awkward, then I might be able to offer you a few pointers... Like most

Survival tips for a mum of three…

For starters, I've learnt that feeling overwhelmed is somewhat of an 'understatement'. I think that I started to feel like that after my second son was born and it's never really gone away actually. Feeling a tad overwhelmed becomes the new normal and life just carries on with a few more eggs in the basket,

What kind of Instagrammer are you?

When it comes to social media, I think we all primarily have a platform that we prefer and the one that we check out before all the others. For me, my heart most definitely lies with Instagram. It's most definitely because it's visual for starters. Who doesn't love looking through a book or magazine that

9 months old

It's been a while since I've written a post on how old our little girl is and although I don't document everything, I thought that I'd write a few things down so that we can look back on what she was up to at this stage. Life is just so busy at the moment that

The Holiday Edit

We're actually going on holiday, like really soon. The first holiday as a family of five and hopefully a week of wall to wall sun! Although I hope that I haven't jinxed it by saying that now. I actually prefer going away at this time of the year, as the shops are all geared up

Daddy Does Digital #2

Photography and editing - Part 2 Hopefully most of you will have seen part 1 of this series. In part 1 I mentioned that if your camera is capable of shooting in RAW mode then always do this over and above shooting in JPEG. There may be times when shooting in JPEG is ok such

GLTC Family Blogger Day

Last Sunday we took a trip up to London to go one of the launch days for the new showroom for The Great Little Trading Company. Their very first brand new store has opened this weekend in Wandsworth, after only selling online before. This family run business has been established for 20 years now but

Daddy Does Digital #1

Photography and editing - Part 1 After my last guest post, some of you will now have a better understanding of what I am about and a little more about the man behind Hannah. You may also have noticed an image I included from a recent shoot I did with Hannah in our home. I