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Mumsnet Influencers – Nailing what a conference should be

It’s been many years since I have attended a blogging conference. There have been various reasons as to why I haven’t been to one since 2011 (the very year I started!) but I am so pleased that I decided to attend this one. Mumsnet hosted their very first Influencers event and it truly surpassed all

Our Halloween 2017

So that's it, Halloween done for another year. This year was the first year that Georgie actually joined in with the trick or treating around our neighbourhood. Last year, she just donned a little cat costume and stayed indoors! However a year on she wanted to go out with the big kids and she actually

Enjoying the outdoors with Bassetts Multivitamins #NoDullDays

Autumn has to be our favourite time as a family for getting outdoors. The summertime is obviously great for spending more time outside when it's warmer but it needn't stop as the weather starts to get colder.  Now is perfect before it gets too chilly and you can really appreciate all of the colourful surroundings

The day I made my own Big Mac #YourNewMcDonalds

Recently I went to visit the McDonald’s at Norwich airport where along with a group of other bloggers we were given a guided tour of the new facilities available and given the opportunity to make our very own Big Mac. I haven’t actually been into one of their restaurants for quite a while and it's

Your very own Shiatsu Massager in your home

Ever felt like you really need a good shoulder and back massage but there is literally no one around or willing to give you one? This is where a massager is worth its weight in gold. Over the years, I've always been prone to pulling my neck, so anything that claims to help with tension

Learning to tell the time with an Ice-Watch

Learning to tell the time has been a pretty big topic in our house lately. Mainly because our eldest son who is 8, still hasn't fully got to grips with it. Besides it being a pretty good idea to be able to tell the time at 8, it's also becoming an issue when the boys

A playhouse of dreams for a two year old

When I was little, I would have been thrilled to have had a big proper 'wendy house' in my garden.  A place to indulge my inner homebody and let my creativity run wild. A playhouse in the garden is something that all kids will appreciate and acts as a little haven that they can call

An ombré cake to celebrate Georgie turning 2

I'm a little late, as usual, but I wanted to share some pictures of Georgie shortly after she turned two. We were away for her birthday and although it was lovely to be spending her special day on holiday, it also meant that I couldn't make her a birthday cake as I do each year.

Are you brave enough to change your hair styles?

As a little girl I was blonde and gradually throughout my teens my hair started to darken to a dark blonde/light brown colour. Then somewhere along the line, I found hair dye and started to lighten my hair and that then became the norm for me. I mainly used home dye kits and on the

Are you a boy and girl mum?

Next month our little girl will turn two. Two years old. How the hell did that happen so quickly? She burst into our lives as our little pink bundle of joy and she's been everything that we had imagined when having a girl. I've been able to buy all manner of things that were just

Throwing a Summer Garden Party

It feels like we’ve waited a long time, but finally summer is here! And though the British weather may not always allow for an entirely sunny summer holiday, it is not quite as bad as its reputation may have you believe. We get lovely long days and light evenings, with the occasional sunny spells (and

#SpaSeekersParentsRetreat at the Brooklands Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit a spa with some blogging friends for a 'parents retreat'. Now when this was suggested to me I didn't need anytime at all to think about my answer. Er, yes please! I actually had to really think about when it was that I last had a

Not being a homeowner vs being happy

I've mentioned before that we are currently renting a property since we relocated to Norfolk. Financially we are not able to buy a house at the moment but if even we were able to, we would have opted to rent initially with moving into a new area. We wouldn't have wanted to make such a

Lighting trends for your garden this summer

There is nothing like a little heatwave to make everyone want to spend as much time as they can outside and when that happens, you need outside to look nice. I was sat in the garden late yesterday evening simply just trying to keep cool sat on a lounger. The kids were in bed, it

A Toy Story Movie Night

If you ask my kids what their all time favourite film is, they will without a doubt always mention Toy Story. Of course new films will always be on their minds when you see them advertised everywhere you go, but good old Toy Story still has that special place for them...and for me too. We

Heaven sent hair for mother and daughter

Since having my little girl, I still often pinch myself when we can get things that are the same. I wrote a post when she was smaller about bringing up a daughter and how I felt about it. Now she is nearly two years old and her 'girly' traits are really starting to show and

Grab that coffee and let Bidvine do the work

Hands up who struggles to find the time to get stuff done, let alone source people to help you out when you need it? We all have to use people's services from time to time but it can be a real hassle to find the right person for certains jobs. When we relocated to Norfolk

Summer fun in the garden: Ideas to keep the kids outdoors

The weather lately has been absolutely lovely and of course has meant that we've been outdoors much more. I'm very much a homebody but being stuck inside the house during the colder months can start to get a little too much. It's so much nicer to be able to spread out into the garden and

An afternoon talking #TeenTalk with Gabby Logan and Boots

A few weeks ago I attended an afternoon tea hosted by Gabby Logan talking TeenTalk in collaboration with Boots. We were talking about how difficult the transition can be for both teenagers and their parents, during puberty. That all important talk that looms, I found the discussions really interesting, as although my eldest child is

What’s the Recipe for a New Wave Man Cave?

First came the shed, man’s supposed sanctuary surreptitiously stowed away at the bottom of the garden or better still, adorning an allotment. Next came the man cave – a quiet room or corner where the man of the house could hide away and enjoy his hobbies, undisturbed. Be it playing obtuse vinyl records, digging into