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Layering necklaces with Muru Talisman

I find that I'm rarely without a necklace at the moment and I'm loving the current trend of layering necklaces. Muru Talisman have some stunning designs and lots of choice too. I knew that I wanted a couple of necklaces that would compliment each other as well as each having some meaning. I always favour

It’s Playtime! Why Kids Need It So Badly

We all know from our own experience as children that play is an essential part of life. But modern life seems to have drained some of the magic out of playtime. Kids spend more time than ever just sitting passively in front of screens rather than actively building their skills and using their imaginations. But

Lovely Little Features That Will Add A Lot To Your Home

You might be interested in improving and upgrading the style and design of your home. Often, when people do this, they consider significant and large changes. For instance, you might head down to the furniture store to spend a fortune on a brand new suite. But let’s save your budget and instead think about the

How To Design The Ultimate Living Room

Thinking of giving your living room a makeover? Or perhaps you’re moving into your first home and wondering how to decorate your lounge? Whatever the case, here are a few tips that could help you to design the ultimate living space. Deciding on a style Keeping your living room to a theme will help to

Give Your Windows a Treat

Windows are often the last part of any décor that is dealt with. Then there are so many options it can be difficult to know which to choose. The way you dress your windows can affect the overall style and atmosphere of your room though, and it is really important to get it right. The

A Healthier, Happier Family In 11 Steps

Who wouldn’t want a totally healthy, happy family given the choice? Nobody wants to think that they have a dysfunctional, unhappy, unhealthy family. The key to making sure you have the former, is you. The things you do, the habits you get your family into, and the lessons you teach your kids while they are

A Touch Of The Traditional In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a fairly new concept when compared to the rest of the rooms in your home. In the past, most homes wouldn’t have a space dedicated to this purpose, instead using an outhouse for the messy stuff, and a portable tub to keep things clean. Showers, toilets, and even sinks are all products of

Starting pre-school with Spiral

It's only a month now until Georgie starts at pre-school and although I might not be ready for this new stage, she certianly is. Having two older brothers, she's always keen to follow in their footsteps. Going to school is just another one of those milestones that she's been eager to reach. It's still a

Amazonite Healing Stone Necklace by Daisy

It's only recently that I've started wearing necklaces again. I probably could have worn them much sooner seeing as Georgie is now three (and less likely to tug at my neck!) but I guess I simply got used to not putting one on. I've never been a big jewellery wearer but when I do wear

Here’s What You Need to Make Your Home Neater

Is your home still not feeling as neat and tidy as you want it to be? You’re certainly not the only person to feel this way, and you shouldn’t be too harsh on yourself. You just need to think about which changes in your home and which changes to your approach will help you achieve

The Rise in Popularity of Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg

As the years go by, more and more people are starting to see the value in growing their own veg. The trend really started to take off back in 2009, after the devastating recession. In a bid to save money, many people took to growing their own fruit and veg. Although times have improved, the

How to Make the Most of Space in a Small Bedroom

Small spaces are always hard work, especially when you have a lot of clutter like I do. However, I also feel as though small spaces are far more rewarding than large ones because when you get it right you feel a far greater sense of satisfaction. So to help you make the most of that

How to Complete Your Summer Look

Whether you’ve got a wedding this year or you’re heading to a festival, knowing what to wear can be a huge chore – believe me! But over the years, I’ve found that there are a few summer wardrobe essentials that’ll have you oozing style without much effort. Here they are: White T-Shirt OK, so we’re

Finding The Finisher For Any Outfit

Everyone has been in the same position before, and it’s never at a good time. After spending a huge portion of the day getting ready, you’re finally in the outfit you want to wear for the night and you look great. That is, of course, all except for the little accessories which should be there

Urban Villa Boutique Hotel – a Date Night

We were recently invited to stay at Urban Villa in West London. It's a boutique style hotel with the luxury of staying in rooms that are apartments, rather than just 'rooms'. We were never going to pass up the opportunity of another date night! Initially we were asked to bring along the kids for the

How To Cut Your Family’s Clothing Budget In Half

Spending too much money on clothes for you and the family is the easiest way to ruin your carefully crafted budget, but so many of us do it. When you need new clothes, there isn’t much you can do about it and you’ll have to spend some money. But you don’t need to be spending

Simple ways to help you sleep better

I don't know about you but I'm always on the look out for ways to help me sleep better. Sometimes it's about keeping things simple but occasionally you need something a little extra to help you drift off. So in my quest to get a better nights sleep, I've been doing some research into what

Creating an outdoor space on a budget

We've now lived in our current house for over 18 months and it's only recently that I've got around to making the outdoor space into something that we can relax in. Primarily we focused on getting the kids equipment to play on and a place to relax was simply put on the back burner. I've