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Mindful Chef leading to a Mindful diet | Review

I've tried a few companies that provide a recipe box delivery service and I've had differing experiences with all of them. What I do love about them though, is the way that ingredients are provided in the exact amounts that you need them to complete a recipe. So there is no waste and when it

Real Food Kids Will Love with Annabel Karmel

This is my fourth Annabel Karmel book so you could say that I'm somewhat of a fan.  From weaning to the stage we are at now, (where we all eat the same) her recipes have always been such a great source of inspiration. When your little ones are babies you tend to cater more for

Valentine’s chocolate caramel torte

As always, I'm very much about making recipes that turn out well and if followed correctly, work every time! Of course it's nice to mix it up a bit and try new things but it's always good to know that you can whip up a crowd pleaser without the worry of it being a disaster!

Easy Yorkshire Puddings

We're big fans of yorkshire puddings in our house and although we don't have them all that often, a sure sign that we need to eat more roast dinners, we always make them from scratch. I have never liked the ones you buy pre-made that resemble cardboard. So in my eyes, if you're going to

Easy Banana Cake with chocolate chips

When the banana's go brown, it means that there will always be banana cake! Unless you have a banana eating fiend in your house (which I currently do), then from time to time your bananas will start to turn before someone has the chance to eat them. So to avoid being wasteful, it's always a

Clean eating with Everdine delivered to your door

There seem to be a lot of companies out there at the moment that offer a variety of meals to be delivered to your doorstep and all of them offering easy sign ups and tempting offers. In the age where we crave convenience more than ever, these types of meal packages are proving to be

A family meal out with #PrezzoLaFamiglia

We always love to try out new family friendly restaurants and even more so since we have moved. We've already found a few firm favourites but of course are always on the look out for more. Recently we visited one of our local Prezzo restaurants in Norwich as part of the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge. There

#ThankGoodness for the mid-week Dolmio saviour

I was recently challenged by BritMums along with Dolmio to create a #ThankGoodness mid-week meal from a hamper of delicious ingredients that were delivered straight to my door. I'm always on the look out for ways for us to eat healthier as a family (aren't we all!) but I often fall foul to the usual

Annabel Karmel’s new freezer favourites

One of my first ever weaning books was one of Annabel Karmel's and still to this day, I love the recipes she comes up with and the style of her books. They're not just aimed at babies, they're also aimed at families as a whole because preparing a family meal for all to enjoy is

A trip to the river with #MamiaDaysOut Challenge

Recently we went on a photoshoot with our little girl and taking food along with us is an absolute must. Gone are the days where I used to worry about my own hunger needs, it's now all about keeping the children happy! Georgie is not quite so heavily dependent on food as her brothers were,

Beaba Babycook

Now my little girl has reached the six month mark, we have started the joyful task of weaning. She's been pretty good in the fact that she's been happy having only milk and didn't appear to be showing any signs of wanting to start eating solids. So far, she's not as keen as her brothers