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Finding that sequin dress that was made for you

Have you ever had your eye on something that you've always wanted to get, but never seem to find the right one for you? This is exactly how I felt about owning a sequin dress. It must be the time for getting those essential items that I've always longed for, like the addition of my

This seasons picks with Boden

Its not very often these days that I get to treat myself to some nicer clothes.  So when Boden asked if I wanted to work with them over the next few months, I couldn't have been happier. It didn't take me long to set about choosing, but the task was harder than I expected...but of

Wrapping up for winter with JD Williams

I may have mentioned it before, but I do rather love a new coat. I'd have a couple every winter if I could, one that's really practical (for wet and windy school runs) and one that is a little bit more dressy. I treated myself to a teddy coat this year but I also wanted

My top picks for winter coats

I might not be the biggest fan of winter, but I do love a good coat or two. Coats are most definitely my favourite buys over the colder months and I believe that you can never have too many! The beauty of a coat is that it's not only functional in the fact it keeps

Key sequin party season pieces

We're very nearly into November and that means that the festive period will be here in no time at all. Second to buying summer clothes, I always love looking for dressy outfits at this time of the year and I never fail to be drawn to sparkly numbers. It's hard to miss the influx of

Stepping into Autumn with Elvi

I'm always sad to wave goodbye to summer, so this in between weather has been most welcome. With a new season comes the desire for new pieces to refresh my wardrobe, so it was a pleasure that Elvi sent me a couple of items from their Autumn and Winter collection. Although it's starting to get

Celebrating my love for jeans on Jeans for Genes Day

I have to say that I have a love/hate relationship with jeans. It's not that I don't love wearing them, it's just the mission it is to find a pair that make me feel great wearing them. Do you ever have that problem? Jeans have actually been on my mind these last few days and

Holiday edit: Beach and pool essentials

Now I have a tendency to want to go a bit overboard when it comes to planning holiday clothes and accessories. Although I'm aware that it's kind of an unecessary expense, shopping for new bits and pieces is what I really love about the preparations for going away. I always find it easiest to browse

Adding some new pieces to my wardrobe with Wearall

I'm always keen to inject some new outfits into my wardrobe and even better when they're pieces that can be carried onto the next season. I chose some items from Wearall who have a great selection of casual and dressy outfits and who currently have a 20% sale at the moment too. This satin blouse

Wearing my favourite blue with Cari’s Closet

I've always loved wearing blue and in particular this striking shade of blue (or purple if you're my husband). We all have a colour that makes us feel good and brings out our best features and this colour always catches my eye when I'm looking for new outfits. This plunge dress from Cari's Closet is

A tutu reshoot with Angel’s Face

If you've seen my Instagram feed then you will know that I recently shot another tutu photo shoot with Georgie to recreate our last one. Way back in the summer of 2016 when Georgie was a diddy dot, we donned some tutus I proudly made myself and thought we'd make some lovely memories together by

Winter style with Cari’s Closet

We're a good way through January now, yay! However, it's still pretty cold even on days where we have sunshine. After wearing a coat for months, I get so fed up with wearing a big heavy coat all of the time and have always preferred to have my arms more free. I was recently sent

An outfit for a girl with brothers

We're at that funny time of the year where it's still summer but things are beginning to get wrapped up for Autumn arriving. I've always hated the fact that you might not have yet had your summer holiday but the shops are already clearing out all of the summer clothes, making way for clothes designed

Autumn shoot in the woods

The colours that Autumn brings just makes it the loveliest time of the year for taking photos. These woods are really local to us and it's somewhere that we love to take the children and to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, we took some photos of everyone while we were up

A shoot by the riverside

Last week we took a trip out to one of our favourite spots by the river. Even though it was a dismal day, it was nice to be able to enjoy the surroundings without it being full of people going for walks like it is at the weekends. So armed with the baby carrier and

How to pose like a pro and not feel awkward

If you're a model and you're reading this, then I'd like to apologise as this clearly isn't meant for you. However, if you're like me and most definitely not a model or a natural at 'posing' because it just feels too awkward, then I might be able to offer you a few pointers... Like most

The Holiday Edit

We're actually going on holiday, like really soon. The first holiday as a family of five and hopefully a week of wall to wall sun! Although I hope that I haven't jinxed it by saying that now. I actually prefer going away at this time of the year, as the shops are all geared up