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My blogging MUST HAVES

Some of these items I have and some I am in need of and besides all the bigger purchases like cameras etc, these are some essentials that I think need a mention. A planner First up is an amazing planner, a planner that will turn my life around. I'm still waiting for that planner but

Need a blog makeover? Learn how to do it yourself!

Do you desperately want to change the look of your self hosted Wordpress blog? Do you often think about giving your blog a makeover but find the thought of changing it all rather daunting? If this is you and you want to refresh the look of your blog, then read on to find out how

How to enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your WordPress site

Chances are if you are looking at this, then you are interested in learning more about Pinterest Rich Pins. If you follow the step by step by guide below, you will be able to utilise rich pins for your wordpress site. Don't worry it's a lot more straight forward than some people will lead you

Blog Glassboard: Get yourself organised

Now I have been trying to get 'organised' with my blog since 2011... I'm a massive list maker and am also notorious for making lists here and there in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on my phone. The worst part about doing that is that although I'm jotting things down, I'll often forget about

The Blagger Debate – why bloggers are seen as grabbers

So why am I blogging? Am I just seen as a blagger? Every now and then there will be a debate on someone's blog or on social media that really gets people's attention. The particular debate I am talking about is the whole 'blagger' debate. I actually think that these discussions are good and really